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No justice at all in Bev’s veto

    Once again, Ms. Perdue-Eaves is standing in the way of common sense in Raleigh.   Our Boss Lady (til 2012) vetoed the legislature’s repeal of the 2009 Racial Justice Act. The original 2009 legislation, rammed through by a Democrat majority on Jones Street,…

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Capitalism and “The Right to Rise”

    We’ve got BarryO and Dingy Harry Reid and Miss Nancy salivating over the idea of soaking “the rich” and making them “pay their fair share.”  We’ve got GOP congressional leaders accepting Occupy Wall Street’s premise that government needs to “do something about income…

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MEDIA: Republicans are stupid; Murderous dictator “shrewd”, “brilliant”, “profoundly important”

    Conservatives are weary of hearing media spin about how all of their heroes are dumb.  In the REAL WORLD, Ronald Reagan is credited with bringing radical, positive change to The United States and the world.  Reagan was dubbed  “The Great Communicator” for his…

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The Grinch is trying to steal Boss Bev’s Christmas

              Her friends at The N&O are STILL talking about those pesky private airplane flights from 2008 that SOMEHOW never made it onto her campaign report.  Now, Carolina Journal’s indefatigable investigative reporter Don Carrington has found that Boss Bev’s…

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Ron Paul’s lesson for the GOP

    New polling shows Texas congressman Ron Paul pulling ahead in the GOP presidential horse race. The Ruling Class is perplexed. ( How could you NOT see the Mittster as the perfect president?  He has great teeth, nice hair, and THOSE eyes …. ) Paul…

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SC : Nikki LOVES Mitt ( Tea Party falling OUT of love with Nikki?)

        In North Carolina,  Republican Renee Ellmers was unexpectedly propelled past Democrat Bob Etheridge in the 2010 race for the state’s 2nd congressional district seat in Washington.  Once sworn in, Ellmers latched on to John Boehner and the party establishment, and pretty…

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The Castle Doctrine kicks in: common sense finally prevails in Raleigh

            Now that the trial lawyers have lost their stranglehold on Jones Street, crime victims and other law-abiding citizens of North Carolina are getting some relief.  Charlotte’s WBTV had the story on November 30: A new state law goes into…

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Will indictment of Boss Bev’s bag man bounce back on Senator Hagan?

Boss Bev’s campaign finance chief was in court yesterday, and WRAL was there: Gov. Beverly Perdue’s former campaign finance chief pleaded guilty Wednesday to obstruction of justice in connection with violations in her 2008 campaign. Peter Anthony Reichard entered an Alford plea, which allows a…

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An epidemic of Gingrich Fever sweeps into the Carolinas

South Carolina’s primary is in January.  North Carolina’s primary is in May.  Yet, we have a ‘Team Gingrich’ — composed of some of the usual NCGOP establishment suspects —  being unveiled in Raleigh. Karen Rotterman — 1/2 of the Raleigh-based husband-and-wife consulting team that is…

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DEE-NIED! Feds reject appeal of downtown Pinehurst post office closure

          In a December 12 order, The federal government’s   Postal Regulatory Commission has rejected  Pinehurst mayoral candidate John Marcum’s appeal of the decision by The U.S. Postal Service to close the downtown Pinehurst post office: On August 18, 2011, John M….