NC legislators. Lobbyists. The Virginia mountains. Serious injuries. (And some serious questions. )

At first, I didn’t hold out much hope for The Assembly website.  It was billed as a North Carolina politics website run by folks who used to cover the subject for Raleigh’s failing, dwindling, far-left drive-by media. However, I gave them a shot and found myself pleasantly surprised.  If you weed through the expected leftist muck, you can find some pretty good reporting.

Reporter Jeff Billman has a story up on the site about the December nuptials of NC House-speaker-in-waiting Destin Hall.  Though, this is not likely what Hall’s mama was counting on:

A second 911 call raises additional questions about an accident that seriously injured a lobbyist at the December wedding of state Rep. Destin Hall, who’s in line to become state House speaker in January.

As The Assembly reported last week, Cory Bryson, 34, one of Hall’s groomsmen and a legislative liaison for the University of North Carolina-Asheville, fell from the tailgate of a 2023 Ford F-250 truck that was driving Hall to his wedding rehearsal at a country club in southwest Virginia on December 15.

The truck, driven by lobbyist and groomsman Zane Stilwell, didn’t immediately stop, its occupants apparently unaware that Bryson had fallen; Stilwell and Hall returned to the scene about four minutes later. […]

First, HOW do you not notice that someone has fallen off of your truck?  Wouldn’t someone sitting on the tailgate of a moving truck be in the line-of-sight for a driver monitoring the rear-view mirror?


[…] Another lobbyist and groomsman, Dylan Reel, saw Bryson fall. He stopped his car, called 911, and reported the accident, telling the dispatcher he didn’t know how fast Stilwell was going.

As a result of his fall, Bryson spent two weeks in the hospital and lost vision in one eye, among other injuries. In a statement last week, Hall told The Assembly that he did not want to comment on the accident out of respect for Bryson’s privacy.