Audit week !!! (Hey, what happened to the payroll taxes?)

If all goes as expected, North Carolina’s Second Lady and her attorney will meet with an auditor from the NC Department of Health & Human Services (NC DHHS) this week to review Greensboro-based Balanced Nutrition’s finances.

Balanced Nutrition, which has handled roughly $8.5 million in taxpayer funds since its inception, has been beset with serious questions for at least the last year.  The firm is run by Lt. Governor (and GOP nominee for governor) Mark Robinson’s wife and includes several Robinson family members and close friends as employees.

If you’re late to this story, you can catch up via our archive HERE.

Since the Robinsons’ company is a contractor with state government, a lot of the firm’s records are public information.   Our team has gone over a lot of Balanced Nutrition’s publicly-available records with a fine-toothed comb.  One thing we just recently discovered: According to IRS Form 990s filed by North Carolina’s Second Lady Yolanda Hill, Balanced Nutrition appears to have only paid payroll taxes ONCE in the last six years.

(For those who may not know, employers are required to pay taxes each year – based on their payroll – for things like Social Security and Medicare.  It appears the current rate is 7.65 percent.)

Click here to review each tax year’s filing of IRS Form 990.  Click on ‘View Filing’  for each year to see the pdf image of the IRS form. When you get to the pdf image, scroll to page 10 and look at lines 5 and 10.  

To compare, let’s also look at the Form 990s filed for the same period by Greensboro-based E.C. Canada & Associates, which does the same thing for the same state agency that Balanced Nutrition does.

The Canada firm reported payment of payroll taxes to the IRS each of those six years.  How come Balanced Nutrition did not?

If you want to see the hard copies of the forms the Canada firm filed, click here.  At each year category, click on ‘View Filing.’ Once you call up the pdf image of the filing, scroll to page 10 and check lines 5 and 10.  

We’re sure the audit / review will cover a lot of ground and deal with a lot of questions.  Hopefully, there will be a simple and easy explanation for this and so many of Balanced Nutrition’s other issues.