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Lt. Dan was right. Roy IS treating us like five-year-olds!

      Gov.   Doofus has decided to sic Dr. Mandy and her DHHS stormtroopers into our business.  Right now, he’s focusing on Moore County.  The fact that he’s doing this right before an election to an overwhelmingly Republican county is, um, interesting:  …

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Charlotte paper endorsing ALL DEMS for Council of State (with one exception)

    The Charlotte Post bills itself as “the voice of the black community” in Charlotte.   And like most black voters in the state,  its staff tends to lean Democrat.  But this headline caught my attention (and that of a few other people): Hmmm….

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Post-sex scandal revelations, Cunningham STILL leads Tillis

  Thom Tillis’s campaign is going all in on Cal Cunningham’s alleged extramarital activity,  but there are signs out there THAT strategy may not be working:   I was all set to tell you here that Cal Cunningham’s lead didn’t grow *because* of his sex…

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Monkey Business Report: NO COPS at the polls

    THAT, my friends, is a real head-scratcher.  But the state elections board is citing concerns about potential “intimidation” in their request to local elections officials to keep police away.       Lt. Gov. Dan Forest doesn’t like it.  His gubernatorial campaign issued…

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Monkey Business Report: State elections Board + people casting multiple ballots

    If you’re feeling a little queasy about the integrity of the November vote,  take a gander at THIS from 2019:   From: Price, Kelli [] Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2019 1:30 PM To: ‘‘; ‘Blackman, Allison’ Cc: ‘Tate, Emma’ Subject: RE: [External] Re:…

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Drive-by media silent on Laura Leslie’s social media, but ALL OVER Mark Robinson’s

  It’s been four years since we caught WRAL’s Laura Leslie blaming Christian conservatives for mass murder in a Florida gay night club.  (It was actually perpetrated by a Hillary-loving Muslim.)  She railed against “Crazy MFers with guns” and Sean Hannity.  Meanwhile,  WRAL lets her…

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‘Occupy Elaine’ shills for Chi-Com political / intelligence front

  Every four years,  the heavily-embalmed Elaine Marshall is wheeled out to talk about how she needs four more years because she’s good for business.  We caught her praising ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in one past election.  Now, she’s graduated to praising the work of The…

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Is Cunningham being stalked, blackmailed?

  Once again,  I am completely disgusted by BOTH major party candidates in our state’s November US Senate race.  I think we lose if either of these two wins the seat.   The media and the political class want us to believe Cal Cunningham is…

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News Flash: The Internet is FOREVER.

  Try scrubbing a certain piece of information from cyberspace.   Good luck.  There are so many screenshots, links, and the like out there.  The minute you type something into a web browser, or a email program or chat program (and hit send)  it’s OUT…

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Bob Steinburg. (*Pure Class.*)

    He’s picked fights with opposing candidates and staff.  He’s threatened the Dare County DA.  Now, he’s reportedly crashed an elementary school faculty meeting and verbally abused some of the staff.   From what I hear,  senator Bob Steinburg (R) is doing a bang-up…