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The Replacements

    NCGOP leadership has compiled a list of candidates to replace the party’s two members who recently resigned from the state board of elections:   State law says Governor Doofus gets to pick one name from each list to serve on the board.  …

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Senator Berger tosses in his two cents on the Stein-Cooper election deal

        The state Senate’s top dog penned a pretty good review of the scam being perpetrated with absentee ballots by the  Cooper-Stein crowd:   Sen. Berger: “If approved, this action undermines any confidence in the Board of Elections’ intent to fairly conduct…

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Bishop joins the elections fray

    Ninth district congressman Dan Bishop, himself elected in the wake of allegations of ballot mischief, is following Dan Forest’s lead in seeking help from DC:   Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09) issued the following statement on the ‘settlement’ announced yesterday among Democrat litigants to…

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While we’re talking elections ….

    Apparently,  the folks at the state elections board are putting up a fuss trying to block some grassroots activists (people like us) from inspecting the official registry of absentee ballot requests.  One lady (with extensive knowledge of election law) from the Elizabeth City…

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Forest: Feds need to intervene in NC’s election fiasco

      The lieutenant governor (and the hopefully-soon-to-be-governor) of North Carolina has waded into the hot mess over at the state board of elections:   The Honorable William Barr Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC…

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Monkey Business Report: The Tale of The Resignation Letters

`   Well,  the NCGOP now has no representation on the state Board of Elections.  Both Republican appointees to the board have resigned.   And here we are,  a little over a month before a big election.  Let’s see what the GOPers had to say:…

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If drag queens can tell stories, I guess it’s OK for Speaker Timmy.

    There are indications that Raleigh Republicans are getting a little nervous about the possibility of holding the state House seat vacated by now-congressman Greg Murphy and currently held by appointee Perrin Jones.  (A significant chunk of the district is Greenville and Pitt County.)….

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Raleigh’s ‘drag queen story time’ goes virtual amid pandemic

      Never fear, folks.   If you were really concerned about coronavirus causing you to miss your daily or weekly or monthly dose of story-telling by drag queens at Raleigh’s public libraries,  just relax.  The, um, “ladies” are not going anywhere:   Drag…

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Folwell: City of Rocky Mount needs a good hard look

    We sure know how to keep federal investigators busy here in North Carolina.  Robin Hayes, David Lewis, and now The City of Rocky Mount:   State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, said federal criminal charges against the developer of Rocky Mount’s multimillion-dollar downtown…

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Top NC DEM fantasizes about: concentration camps, military coup, bomb threats, etc.

    If you’ve been watching the rioting in the streets with horror — wondering where in the hell these people and their ideas came from — look no further than the Democrat Party.   Specifically, check out one Dwight Willis — treasurer of the…