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Lt. Dan was right. Roy IS treating us like five-year-olds!

      Gov.   Doofus has decided to sic Dr. Mandy and her DHHS stormtroopers into our business.  Right now, he’s focusing on Moore County.  The fact that he’s doing this right before an election to an overwhelmingly Republican county is, um, interesting:  …

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Hey, Roy. We’re having a parade.

    While most of the state is quivering and laying awake at night worrying about the consequences of violating one of Gov. Doofus’s executive orders,  most people in Moore County are having NONE of that. Sheriff Ronnie Fields has already shrugged off most of…

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Moore County’s WOKE, social justice warrior public school system

  Moore County is arguably one of the most loyal Republican counties in the state.  Democrats have managed,  thanks to non-partisan school board races,  to take over the county board of education.  The Democrat board members have been working hand-in-hand with our leftist superintendent to…

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Nationally-known legal eagle: Donadio’s story does not pass the ‘smell test’

      Believe it or not,  our local district attorney’s race has captured the interest of lawyer types from much larger, out-of-state media markets.  In fact, we’ve heard personally from one, in particular, who you’re more likely to associate with The Wall Street Journal,…

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Wife’s affidavit appears to contradict King Arthur

    This site was the first to reveal the multiple donations to Barack Hussein Obama in the name of Arthur Donadio — reportedly a Republican candidate for Moore / Hoke district attorney.  That revelation has since become a major issue in the 2020 primary…

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“Equitable” punishment at Moore County schools?

  It appears that our big-spending,  oft-scheming, perpetually-sobbing superintendent of Moore County Schools is allowing “social justice,” Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama and a wee bit of Karl Marx get their nose under the tent once again:   Minority students nationwide are two to three times…

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Meet Mike Hardin, GOP candidate for Moore-Hoke DA

    Moore County has had its own judicial district for the longest time.  Now, we’re paired with Hoke County to the south of us.  Maureen Krueger, Moore County’s incumbent prosecutor, is not seeking reelection.  She’s hand-picked a potential successor and brought him onto her…

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Caught giving $$$ to Obama, Adam Schiff? Man Up, and blame it all on the women in your life.

    That’s the path nominal Republican Arthur Donadio —  lame duck incumbent DA Maureen Krueger’s hand picked successor — appears to have taken.  And his “explanation” appears to raise  more questions than it answers:     In 2012,  Barack Obama was running for president….

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Moore County: Did John McLaughlin commit a ‘Lorna Clack’?

    Some  years ago,  we had a rather pretentious (and awful)  county school board member named Lorna Clack who lost a bid for reelection.  (We like  to think this site had a small part to play in that event. )   At one particular…

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Moore County GOP cheerleading for BIGGER government in Pinehurst

    A lot of folks have been working very hard to reduce being Republican to little more than having an (R) next to your name on the ballot.   Platform be damned!   We’re seeing it all over the state.  And we’re getting a…