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Greg Murphy for GOVERNOR ???

      I’ve been around politics for a while.  In this game, rumors are as bountiful as pine straw in my neck of the woods.  Though, sometimes they do pan out.   Dr. Greg Murphy of Greenville has been quite the rising star.  He…

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Mark Harris: CLEARED !!!

      It took long enough.  In the wake of that 2018 nail-biter of an election in the 9th congressional district,  a coalition of foaming-at-the-mouth drive-by media, sore-loser Democrats, and establishment Republicans teamed up to slander Mark Harris (R) and reverse the election results….

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Problems may be getting BIGGER for Richard Burr

      We’ve told you about the FBI seizing his phone,  the insider trading allegations, and all that.   Now, it appears our senior US senator may be entangled in a possible gambling scandal:   News that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) may have acted…

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Tillis 2020 re-elect campaign lifts strategy from failed 2017 VA GOP governor effort

    Hey, if you’re going to copy someone,  make sure it’s someone who suffered the worst beat-down in the state’s political history:   Sen. Thom Tillis’ (R-NC) campaign spokesman acknowledged on Friday that he had copied large portions of a general election strategy memo…

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Leading like a BOSS

    Last night, President Trump put the criminal class on notice that patty-cake was officially OVER:   President Trump said during a statement in the Rose Garden on Monday that he is taking “immediate action” to mobilize “all available federal resources” to stop riots…

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Vultures already circling Richard Burr? (TIMMY for Senate ???)

    Things are looking rough for US senator Richard Burr.  The FBI is paying a lot of attention to him.  (They have his iPhone, as well.). He’s lost his committee chairmanship.     If, for some reason, Richard Burr were to leave office early…

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Lockdown blowback?

    The folks on the left side of the aisle love to think they are smarter than us — that they know what’s best for us.  Roy Cooper and his team have put the state’s economy in a stranglehold since March — all in…

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Voting watchdog detects potential monkey-business in on-going pursuit of McCrae Dowless

    In the wake of the 2018 race for the 9th congressional district, we were bombarded with drive-by reports and caterwauling from Democrats and GOPe types alike about how one McCrae Dowless nearly single-handedly stole the election for Republican Mark Harris.   Harris and…

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Burr steps down as Intel committee chairman

      This Richard Burr-stock market story has grown some legs and really picked up some traction:   U.S. Sen. Richard Burr is stepping down as chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee as a federal probe of his financial activities in the early days…

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OMG: FBI seizes Senator Burr’s cell phone

    If there was ANYBODY who could divert the nation’s attention from the coronavirus,  it would be our senior US senator:   Federal agents seized a cellphone belonging to a prominent Republican senator on Wednesday night as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into…