The SCC Files: New faces at the top

It seems we will be seeing at least TWO new faces on the board of trustees at Sandhills Community College.  The school changed out presidents.  George and Larry are still running wild, and so — apparently — is DEI.

There is a lot of grumbling about the pack of rubber-stamping yes-men (and women) on the current board who don’t have a word to say about a lot of the nonsense that has been happening over there on Airport Road.

Thanks to recent work by the General Assembly, county boards of commissioners AND the local legislative delegation now have the final word on who gets appointed to community college boards.  It appears that Moore’s legislative delegation has made its first move.

Incumbent trustees Connie Lovell and Vince Gordon will be leaving the college’s board of trustees.  They will be replaced – at the August board meeting – by Dell Cook and John Carter.  

Cook is the headmaster at Sandhills Classical Christian School.  Carter is a Moore County farmer. Both will serve terms that expire on June 30, 2028.

Don’t forget that there are FOUR seats on the board of trustees — including one held by one Larry Caddell —  with terms expiring in 2025.   Contact a member of our legislative delegation OR the clerk to the county board of commissioners if you are interested in being appointed to the college board.  

If you swoon over Larry Caddell — if you agree with every word that comes out of his mouth —  this job is not for you.