No lights. No gas. No water. Heated by the oven. (Welcome to Mark & Yolanda’s “successful” daycare center.)

I usually find myself rolling my eyes in response to the work of Ned Barnett over at The N&O’s op-ed page.  But, I do have to give him props for doing yeoman’s work — actual investigative news reporting that his paper’s own newsroom apparently won’t do.

 Barnett did a deep dive into DHHS’s records on the “successful” Greensboro daycare center Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and his wife, Yolanda Hill, ran from 2002-2007.  Robinson discusses the center at length in his memoir and it gets cited in his bio on the lieutenant governor’s official website. 

We decided to take advantage of the door Barnett cracked open and take a gander at some of the reports filed by state inspectors regarding  Mark & Yolanda’s daycare center.  Here’s one of the more interesting inspection reports (see page 6 on linked file) from April 2007:

If what this inspector documented is true, that sounded like the perfect time to CLOSE THE CENTER DOWN.  (At least until stuff can be fixed and / or turned back on.)

Here are some notes [pages 14-16 in linked file]  from a November 2006 visit to the daycare center by a DHHS inspector.  (The best we can tell — “owner” refers to Yolanda Hill, while “co-owner” is Mark Robinson.) :


The attached file documents DHHS sanitation inspections of Mark & Yolanda’s daycare center.  The forms detail inspections from 2002 to 2007.  The center incurred anywhere from 8 to 13 demerits per visit but still managed to earn a “superior” rating.

Page 3 of this linked file documents a 6/21/2007 visit to the daycare center by a DHHS official:

[Again, “owner” appears to be Hill, while “husband” or “co-owner” appears to be Mark.] 

Investigator documentation from the very next day [page 1 of linked file] indicates Mark &Yolanda will be selling the daycare center and forever leaving the childcare business:

Here’s documentation [page 4 of linked document] of a November 2006 on-site meeting with a DHHS inspector and Mark Robinson: