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Twelve years in Raleigh, and THIS is what we get?

      It’s pretty clear, if you venture out into the hinterlands of Moore County,  that state Rep.  Jamie Boles (R) is in a tough fight for renomination to another term in the General Assembly.  Retiring Southern Pines police chief Bob Temme has thrown…

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Moore County’s WOKE, social justice warrior public school system

  Moore County is arguably one of the most loyal Republican counties in the state.  Democrats have managed,  thanks to non-partisan school board races,  to take over the county board of education.  The Democrat board members have been working hand-in-hand with our leftist superintendent to…

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Nationally-known legal eagle: Donadio’s story does not pass the ‘smell test’

      Believe it or not,  our local district attorney’s race has captured the interest of lawyer types from much larger, out-of-state media markets.  In fact, we’ve heard personally from one, in particular, who you’re more likely to associate with The Wall Street Journal,…

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Wife’s affidavit appears to contradict King Arthur

    This site was the first to reveal the multiple donations to Barack Hussein Obama in the name of Arthur Donadio — reportedly a Republican candidate for Moore / Hoke district attorney.  That revelation has since become a major issue in the 2020 primary…

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KING Arthur for, um — Moore / Hoke District Attorney ???

      I had always thought fantasy role-playing (in public) was an activity reserved mainly for young children, as well as high school and college students who can’t get dates.  Apparently, there are tens of thousands of people nationwide actively pretending to be  living…

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‘Interference’ v. ‘Oversight’: The superintendent-school board dynamic

    The N&O has a story about the Johnston County schools superintendent resigning over “interference” from the school board.  *Though, if you read deeper into the article, it looks like they have one hot mess on their hands up there in Johnston County.)  …

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Meet Mike Hardin, GOP candidate for Moore-Hoke DA

    Moore County has had its own judicial district for the longest time.  Now, we’re paired with Hoke County to the south of us.  Maureen Krueger, Moore County’s incumbent prosecutor, is not seeking reelection.  She’s hand-picked a potential successor and brought him onto her…

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Caught giving $$$ to Obama, Adam Schiff? Man Up, and blame it all on the women in your life.

    That’s the path nominal Republican Arthur Donadio —  lame duck incumbent DA Maureen Krueger’s hand picked successor — appears to have taken.  And his “explanation” appears to raise  more questions than it answers:     In 2012,  Barack Obama was running for president….

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#ncga: Top cop targets Jamie Boles

    State Rep. Jamie  Boles may soon be seeing blue lights in his rearview mirror:   In a letter published to the members of the Moore County Law Enforcement Officers Association Thursday, the current President Bob Temme announced he is pursuing election to the…

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Moore County GOP candidate for DA an OBAMA DONOR ???

  That is what it looks like. In the March 2020 primary,  Hoke attorney Mike Hardin had been primarying incumbent Maureen Krueger.  Krueger dropped out of the race and endorsed Art Donadio.   The state board of elections website indicates there is only ONE Arthur…