We’re broker than broke and being invaded, but DC pols keep shipping cash-we-don’t-have overseas

If this doesn’t convince you that your opinion means less than that of party leaders and lobbyists in DC, I don’t know what can be done for you.  While we were all taking our Saturday day-of-rest, our alleged representatives in the US House were piling even more debt on our future generations:

North Carolina Republicans contributed SIX of the 101 votes to ship billions overseas to Ukraine and elsewhere.   Dan Bishop – once again – was the lone voice of reason for us. (He voted NO.)  As you may know, Bishop is leaving Congress to run for state attorney general. Hopefully, he will take this independent, commonsense streak with him to Raleigh and the state Department of Justice. 


Here’s a quick refresher on where our country’s finances stand as of RIGHT NOW:

Check out the debt to GDP ratio.  The GDP is the value of what we produce within the borders of the US.  Our total debt is NOW 122.23 percent of our GDP.  The amount we owe is 122.23 percent of the value of what we produce as a nation.  We are totally screwing ourselves, our children, and grandchildren. Yet, we keep applauding these people, sending them money, and voting for them.

While all this is going on, Texas National Guard members are being overrun at the southern border while trying valiantly to hold their positions.