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Burr sold DC townhouse to lobbyist same month he co-sponsored lobbyist’s bill

    On his way out the door,  Richard Burr is certainly prompting quite a bit of discussion on ethics and criminal law.   His earlier (questionable) stock market trades have been defended by his team as simply a product of his prowess on Wall…

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GOPe: Throwing Richard Burr under the bus?

      It’s one thing to see conservatives and RINOs squabble, but it definitely IS a head scratcher when a RINO-on-RINO fracas breaks out.     For instance, take this campaign release from Georgia’s appointed US senator Kelly Loeffler (R):   Hmmm.   Loeffler…

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ANOTHER Richard Burr stock market scandal?

    We all know about the stock sales just before the coronavirus lockdown crashed the economy.   This time,  it apparently involves a Dutch fertilizer company:   The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off almost $47,000 dollars worth of shares…

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Anger “building” in DC over Burr coronavirus investing

  Some people are dismissing the hubbub as pro-Trump forces paying our senior senator back for giving the Democrats so much help during the Russian collusion hoax.   Some are dismissing it as liberals and Democrats trying to score points on a hapless GOP incumbent….

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Burr’s committee targets Trump, Jr.

  The seemingly endless competition to see who can out-awful the other rages on between the two doofuses we elected to the US Senate.  Richard Burr — who ironically chairs the Intelligence Committee — has his committee subpoenaing Donald Trump, Jr.  It seems Burr and…

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Despite underwater approval ratings, Tilli$$ keeps servicing donors, dissing voters

If we WANTED a US senator who would: protect ObamaCare, support letting criminals out of prison earlier, block the Republican president’s plan to build a wall on the southern border, side with Democrats in their budget fight with the Republican president, and support further protections for…

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L’affaire Farr: Tim Scott? Down with the struggle. Burr / Tillis? Useless /MIA.

We’re starting to learn a valuable lesson here.  If  a DC Republican wants to nominate you for something, BEWARE.  The minute leftists say the slightest negative thing about you, your Republican brethren on The Potomac will drop you like a hot potato and hang you…

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#ncpol: Our (“Corrupt”?) useful idiot in DC

I’m more of the opinion that Dick Burr is just not that smart. But this blogger has him pegged with the (bad) c-word: The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is the same committee that Michael Caputo told: “God damn you to hell“, and for…

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#ncsen: Tom Farr STILL left hanging out there

I am sure Thomas Farr is starting to feel like a ping-pong ball.  DC politicians and special interests have batted him and his reputation back and forth since 2006 over the promise of a federal judgeship. The leftist point of contention over Farr?  He worked…

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‘Tricky Dick’ Burr: Big-spending tree-hugger

We told you a little earlier about our senior senator conspiring with one other RINO and ALL DEMOCRATS to kill substantial federal spending cuts in the Senate.  The Wall Street Journal has more on WHY ol’ Mauze did it: Republicans have had a rough week,…