NC-02: Ellmers moves put amnesty for illegal aliens at the center of her primary fight

wallRenee Ellmers has been proud of her ties to House leadership.  She once slipped up — I think — in a conversation with me, referring to House Speaker John Boehner as her “boss.”

Now comes word that Boehner and majority leader Eric Cantor are ready to sign the party up for amnesty.  Word leaked out months ago that Ellmers would be elevated as a spokesman for the House GOP on “immigration reform.”  Ellmers has gone as far as reaching out to immigrants protesting FOR amnesty here in North Carolina.

Ellmers and the House leadership are treating “immigration reform” as a major issue — even though Gallup finds only 3 percent of Americans see immigration reform as an important issue.    Working with Obama and his fellow Democrats to grant amnesty to illegals already in the country raises the ire of folks throughout “flyover country.” 

Ellmers’ primary opponent, Frank Roche, has made his opposition to amnesty one of the centerpieces of his campaign effort.  Roche has attracted the attention of Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), a North Carolina-based anti-amnesty political action committee. The group started expressing concern about Ellmers on the immigration issue back in October:

We knew there was something very suspicious about the Renee Ellmers campaign a few years ago here in NC. Despite being right next door to ALIPAC’s operations and despite several fervent promises from campaign volunteers and supporters that Ellmers would return an ALIPAC federal candidate survey, we never received a survey back from her campaign.

Sometimes this is just a decision the campaign makes or a sign of disorganization. Other times it is a sign that behind such a campaign the Open Borders Lobby is playing the role of puppet master!

The latter appears to the case in regards to Congresswoman Renee Ellmers the new GOP lawmaker in North Carolina’s 2nd District.

Last week we were contacted by ALIPAC grass roots supporter Ron Woodard of NC Listen who informed us “Congresswoman Renee Ellmers from North Carolina says we need immigration reform that is in line with the realities facing “undocumented” people (what about the realities facing unemployed citizens and the taxpayers?). She has become too cozy with cheap labor interests that want an Amnesty (she meets frequently with cheap labor business groups and the Farm Bureau, but rarely with her own local constituents). She has also made comments supporting illegal immigrants getting legal work status (she apparently is ignorant that North Carolina’s unemployment rate is the third highest and worst in the nation — and that over 20 million citizens in the USA are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job). She says immigration reform is essential for growing the American economy (this is a code phrase for more legal immigration beyond the one million legal immigrants already allowed to immigrate to the USA each year).”

So then we deployed our ALIPAC researchers who tell us they believe that Renee Ellmers is a John Boehner puppet. We found this on her website. Looks like she is one of these “secure the borders first’ illegal alien Amnesty supporters!

we need to address the millions of people (illegal aliens) who are already in this country and formulate a process for them to earn legal work status.


Well, it appears the folks at ALIPAC have found someone they can support.  They have formally endorsed Roche in the Second District GOP primary:

America’s largest Political Action Committee addressing the issues of illegal immigration, border security, and immigration reform amnesty plans is making the national organization’s first endorsement of 2014 today by endorsing Frank Roche for Congress.

Frank Roche has announced he is filing in North Carolina’s 2nd District to provide a GOP primary challenge to incumbent Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. Roche has cited Ellmers support for a path to legalization for illegal immigrants as a motivation for his run.

“Renee Ellmers supports a form of amnesty for illegal aliens!” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Frank Roche has sent us a federal candidate survey indicating he will support America’s existing border and immigration laws instead of destroying them as Renee Ellmers would do.”

Renee Ellmers has recently stated she will work with President Barack Obama and the US Chamber of Commerce to alter existing American laws to accommodate tens of millions of illegal immigrants with some form of legalization or path to citizenship that would eventually lead to a new voting bloc in American elections which would destroy America’s borders forever.

In October of 2013, Renee Ellmers admitted she had met with pro amnesty groups in North Carolina while ignoring groups that oppose amnesty. She then said on her website, “we need to address the millions of people who are already in this country and formulate a process for them to earn legal work status.” This position in support of amnesty for illegal aliens was further reinforced in her recent editorial piece to the Fayetteville Observer.

Frank Roche has completed the ALIPAC 2014 federal candidate survey (Click here to view) where he aligns himself with the more than 80% of Republican voters in Ellmers’ district who feel their member of Congress should “Support Americans and legal immigrants by supporting the adequate enforcement of America’s existing border and immigration laws as the US Constitution requires for the protection of American jobs, elections, taxpayer resources, health, and lives.”

Renee Ellmers is one of 35 Republican members of Congress ALIPAC and other conservative groups are targeting in the GOP primaries of 2014 due to their support for Obama’s call to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants!

ALIPAC is currently endorsing more than 140 members of Congress including Congressmen Walter Jones and Patrick McHenry in North Carolina.

These developments look like they could make what had looked like a sleepy primary become very interesting.  If Ellmers survives this fight in May, she could end up facing either former NC Commerce secretary Keith Crisco or former American Idol Clay Aiken in the general election.

6 thoughts on “NC-02: Ellmers moves put amnesty for illegal aliens at the center of her primary fight

  1. I have met Renee on several occasions and impressed with her knowledge on several issues. I believe she is a good, but not outstanding, representative.
    In here 2nd term she is still getting her bearings and reluctant to buck the
    leadership, which could lead to her losing her seat.

    If she wins the primary Renee may still lose in November, ‘thanks’ to conservatives
    who will stay home.

    If she loses the primary to a more conservative candidate the November election could still be lost as the amount of GOP money will be much less.

    What I suggest, CALL Renee’s NC offices, let them know your concerns, and arrange to visit with her when she is available.

    Renee needs a reminder GOP leadership is taking the party in the wrong direction
    and she must become an independent agent of change or she will join Elizabeth Dole as a former member of Congress.
    ajbruno14 gmail

    1. I have to strongly disagree with you. I believe Ellmers epitomizes what Trent Lott famously said about leadership having to “co-opt” new representatives.

      I recall attending an event within a couple months of her starting in Congress and thought then that she had been co-opted by leadership. What I’ve seen since fully reinforces my early suspicions. I have had considerable contact with her office and have never been able to meet or speak with her despite having multiple phone calls or meetings pre-scheduled – all of which were cancelled at the last minute.

      I am appalled that after her office spent the first couple years pledging “no amnesty”, she’s now fully on board with the GOP amnesty proposal, and meeting with illegal aliens but refusing to meet with her constituents/those who elected her who oppose amnesty. I will be supporting Frank Roche. Should Ellmers win the primary, I’d rather take my chances on the Democrat than on the sell-out currently representing us.

  2. I’m experiencing an “approach/avoidance” conflict of sorts with regards to Renee Elmers. Here is a woman that I was happy to see win the election several years ago. It was a huge deal at the time – and let’s face it, we all had hopes. However, since coming to Washington, she has shown that like so many others, she allowed herself to be “swallowed” up by the traditional GOP establishment. By this I mean to say that now-a-days, it certainly appears that quite a few traditional GOP types are actually Progressives and there is now very little difference between their philosophies and those on the left.

    Having said this, I’ve become quite disappointed with Renee Elmers and will not vote for her in the primary. There is a candidate by the name of Frank Roche who is a true conservative and is in the financial business – in other-words, he makes it his business to know what’s going on economically and financially. He’s been around the Triangle area of NC for quite a while and has developed a loyal following. I like what this guy has to say, and from what I’ve seen now over the past few years, he doesn’t have the personality weakness to be swallowed up by the GOP establishment. I doubt that he is a “lock-step” type of guy, but rather an individual who has firm beliefs in the conservative cause.

    So sorry Renee – you brought lots of hope, but now I can’t tell the difference between you (who has an R behind her name), and many of those on the left. More of us need to focus on those who aren’t doing their jobs and who assume that this is now their “career,” by sending a lesson and voting them out.

    I’m supporting Frank Roche during this Primary – that’s for sure. And this becomes even more important now that – of all people – Clay Aiken – is going to run against the Republican in the actual election. We can’t afford to allow the “pop culture” mindset of the left win over solid conservative principles.

    Ben Herrmann
    Master Gunnery Sergeant (USMC Retired)
    Fuquay Varina, NC

  3. I’d suggest that all NC Farm Bureau members contact NCFB leaders to STOP their
    illegal amnesty support immediately! As a LONGTIME member and insured by them,
    I’m incensed they would push something so heinous.

    Start by calling your local NC Farm Bureau office and go from there…

    1. We also need to burn up the phone lines to the idiots in the House GOP leadership and demand that they back off on amnesty. They are betraying the position of no amnesty to illegals that is clearly set out in the national Republican Platform.

  4. Principles? What principles? Renee Ellmers is like so many politician who goes to Washington and now thinks she is important…certainly more important than those who sent her.

    The GOP establishment is great at appeasement, but can’t even spell compromise, except to compromise their principles on a daily basis.

    Amnesty is an insult to every individual who came to this country legally and all those who are currently going through the process legally. When our leaders have such total disregard for the rule of law, will they be surprised when the American people begin to ignore it as well?

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