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Those rowdy “guests” from down south

  Some of those * poor defenseless needy “refugees” * from south of the border are really starting to wear out their welcome, eh? Just the other day, a gaggle of folks with wet backs held a raucous protest at The Holiday Inn Express  in…

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#ncga: Why do Berger & co. keep ham-stringing efforts to get non-citizens off NC voter rolls?

  We get a lot of lip service from Raleigh Republicans about supporting border security, election integrity, and President Trump.  So, why has the GOP-controlled Senate blocked THREE TIMES a serious effort to clean illegals off our state’s voter rolls? Perhaps it’s thanks to some…

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ICE ruins Taco Tuesday in Lee County. Amnesty crowd throws a fit. (Film at 11.)

  The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) swept into our fine state this week to actually enforce federal law on immigration and employment.   Something called Alerta Migratoria NC issued a call to arms to its shock troops: Isn’t that sweet?  They have…

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ICE, ICE Baby (Lee County, NC re-mix.)

  I swear.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Here’s Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter (R):   Here’s more from our favorite band of snowflakes from Lee County: […] Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested approximately 30 men and women for “identification theft…

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Ethically-challenged NCGOPe LOSER blasts Mark Meadows in driveby media

    Some folks don’t know when they’re beaten and need to move on.  Look at Dan McCready.  And Robert Pittenger. The word on the street is that the ex-congressman (and former state senator)  is looking to run AGAIN for lieutenant governor.  (Political juggernaut Walter…

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Despite underwater approval ratings, Tilli$$ keeps servicing donors, dissing voters

If we WANTED a US senator who would: protect ObamaCare, support letting criminals out of prison earlier, block the Republican president’s plan to build a wall on the southern border, side with Democrats in their budget fight with the Republican president, and support further protections for…

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How much border wall does $5 bil. get you?

It appears somebody went out there and figured it all out: As Congress battles over President Trump’s demand for $5 billion in border-wall funding, Homeland Security officials explained Friday what that money could actually buy. According to DHS officials, the funding would cover the construction…

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DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

The DC establishment is working feverishly to avoid the feared government shut-down.  *Can’t tick off The Washington Post and The New York Times, can we?*  (I wish they felt the same about us little people out in fly-over country.)  Republicans STILL allegedly control Capitol Hill….

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The seedy side of the amnesty / open borders movement

Foreigners are imported to America for the purpose of providing cheap labor and / or entertainment for wealthy business interests.  You’d think we’re talking about colonial or pre-Civil War America.  But no, we’re talking modern-day America. We hear a lot about keeping parents and children…

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*”Testing, testing,1,2,3 — Racism. Cruelty. Racism. Is this on?”*

You can’t take your kids with you when you go to jail. You can’t take your kids with you to your job (in MOST cases).  You can’t take your kids with you when you are admitted to the hospital. Departments of Social Services all over…