Team Thommy tries a little damage control

There was an interesting lil’ conference call last night between the hours of 6PM and 730PM-or-so. Some staffers for senator Thom Tillis – led by his state director Kim Barnes – organized a powwow with 25-or-so NCGOP county and district leaders.  The objective?  To try and get them correct on just how brilliant their boss TRT truly is.

The word I’m getting is that the call did not go well.  The audience was stacked overwhelmingly with people believed to be Thommy fanboys and fangirls. I am told that the only audience member who said nice things about our senior senator was Jonathan Fletcher, chairman of the Gaston County GOPalso state chairman Mike Whatley’s home county. 

ThomT was ripped several, um, “new ones” over his outspoken support of gay marriage and amnesty for illegal aliens.  (The initial purpose of the call was to address any concerns over Tillis’s work on The Defense of Marriage Act.  Apparently, Team Tillis was blindsided by the amnesty talk.)

I am told the real shock was hearing so many renowned RINOs verbally rip Tillis.  These are people who have regularly defended the senator in front of angry voters in their home counties.  Many of the RINOs on the call were especially miffed that Tillis and his team did not give them any advance warning or even talking points to help fend off the outrage  resulting from his public pro-gay marriage and pro-amnesty stands.

I am told that many participants jumped off the call in disgust, while it was in progress.  It started off with 25 audience members and ended with about thirteen.

“If he’s lost these people, he’s lost the party,” said one call participant we spoke with. “He’s in big trouble.”

The fact that the call even happened flies right in the face of the spin pro-Tillis people have been disseminating about their guy not running again.  Why would a lame duck care  so much about public opinion on the street back home? Burr certainly didn’t.  And Tillis has yet – until now – to show that he gave one hoot about what the folks back home think.

We’ve long been aware of just how despised “ol’ weedeater head” truly is around these parts. It looks and sounds like Thom and his boys and girls are just figuring all that out.

Maybe Thom’s ego is so big that he just wants to patch up his reputation on his way out the door to K Street.