Tillis: Biden on right track with amnesty, but needs to do MORE

Yep.  That’s our alleged Republican senior senator at work.  The word on the street among the RINO community is that Tillis is not planning to run again — that he is actually walking away from politics altogether.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

If that does turn out the case, he just needs to quit now. Thumbing your nose at your voters — knowing you don’t have to face them again –  is low-class to the nth degree. (But look who we’re talking about here.)

On one hand, I can see a plus in him waiting.  If he steps down now, Roy Cooper would appoint his replacement.  A Dem could hold the seat Tillis currently holds until 2026. But what difference would it make?  Would the voting record be much different?  The GOP already is a 51-49 minority. Why not 52-48 for a few years?

Here’s ThT waxing poetically to The drive-bys about amnesty and his president:

[…] “ I’d like to see Biden lean in a little bit more,” Tillis said. “Some of the policy proposals he’d made are a step in the right direction, but they’re far short of getting across the goal line.”

Sooooo — Old Joe is taking “a step in the right direction” on amnesty for illegal aliens, eh?

Show of hands — Who voted FOR THIS in 2014 or 2020?

But, wait.  There was MORE:

[…] Asked why immigration continued to be such a difficult issue for lawmakers to address, Tillis said it was “a politically charged issue” and that “It has to be a balanced approach. We do have people from the far left that think all we should do is provide amnesty and leave the borders open. That’s a non-starter,” he said. “We have people at the other end of the spectrum that only want to seal the border but not address the issues with future flows that are also very, very important.” Tillis said.[…] 

If you seal the border, enforce the existing laws, and make people follow the process, what are THE ISSUES?  Where is the problem?

By the way —  We’re approaching the 25 percent mark in terms of the number of NC counties that have voted to censure Thom Tillis.  Moore County is coming on January 28. I am hearing of others coming soon.  If your county has yet to do it, get to work.