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Thilli$$$ pitches DREAM ACT – lite

We heard all about how aggressively he was going to attack ObamaCare when he ran in 2014.  We’ve seen none of that, but he’s fallen all over himself to please his masters at The Chamber and The Farm Bureau: Two Republican senators introduced a slimmed-down…

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#ncpol: Thilli$$$ still slugging it out for AMNESTY

If ONLY he fought this hard for ObamaCare repeal.  (You know, like he promised when he ran against Kay Hagan.) Once again, McClatchy is fawning over Thom Tillis’s leadership on immigration reform — this time branding his efforts “conservative”:  Conservative lawmakers led by Thom Tillis…

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Thilli$$$$$: We need MORE foreign workers!

Yep.  Our junior senator is carrying water for his patrons in The Chamber AND causing trouble for President Trump all in one fell swoop: The White House complained Monday about Democratic obstruction of President Trump’s nominees, but a Republican senator is the chief roadblock for…

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What’s up with BJ Barnes?

I first met the current Guilford County sheriff way back in 1988.  He struck me as a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails ‘Dirty Harry’ kind of cop.  In fact, one of my fondest memories of him was a story he told about flying somewhere to pick up a…

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North Carolina’s junior senator participated in yet another pro-amnesty photo op, and the driveby media assumed position, ready to drool and take dictation: Representatives from the construction, hospitality, farming and seafood industries sat down with U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis in Raleigh on Monday to share…

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Thilli$$$: ‘We don’t need no steenkin’ wall.’ (Everything is working JUST FINE.)

Our junior US senator was Tucker Carlson’s victim Monday night.  And the Fox host sat there for most of the segment in utter disbelief — like we often do at this site — at the utter bullshit and nonsense pouring out of this charlatan’s mouth….

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Thilli$$$: Standing up for the “little guy” (from the US Chamber & Mexico)

We just heard Thom Tillis passionately defend “the little guys” over at Goldman Sachs.  Now, check out what he  is up to regarding Trump’s immigration reforms: Business advocates who want to import more foreign consumers and more foreign workers are developing plans to counter President…

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Burr, Tillis demand MORE foreign workers be imported into US

Having a hard time finding a job?  Your allegedly Republican US senators are not doing a whole lot to help the situation:  Thirty-one Democratic and Republican Senators are asking the Department of Homeland Security to maximize the use of blue-collar outsourcing visas so U.S. companies can…

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Tillis bill ANOTHER ‘Gang of Eight’-style amnesty scam

THAT is the verdict that is coming in:  […]Immigration experts like Mark Krikorian with the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) have taken to social media to call out Tillis’ legislation as just another Sen. John McCain-style “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill. The “Gang of Eight”…

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#ncpol: Walker on the Tilli$$$$ amnesty train, too?

Thom The Therrible showed his cards on amnesty the other day.  Is Congressman Mark Walker signaling his intent to join Thom Tilli$$$  on that perilous journey?: […] Walker also wants Republicans to lead a new approach on overhauling the immigration system. “When Republicans talk about,…