Does ‘The Round Rev’ have locks on his front door?

Inquring minds want to know, since he let loose with this ass-hattery on the unwatchable MSNBC: 

Saturday, Rev. William Barber, pastor at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, NC, claimed the current United States – Mexico border wall is a “criminal wall” that is “raping people’s opportunity.”[…]

First, where are all the femi-nazis screaming at him for so flippantly using the word ‘rape’ in connection with an inanimate object and an abstract concept? Women get raped.  Children get raped.  Men get raped.  They don’t get raped by walls.  And I can’t imagine HOW the concept of ‘opportunity’ can be sexually violated.  

But Rev. PimpDaddy wasn’t done:

[…] “I was at the border,” Barber recalled on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

Are we SURE it wasn’t Taco Bell?

“We walked into the Rio Grande. We watched families have to walk into the Rio Grande to touch family members they hadn’t seen for 16 years. I went to the wall. We saw children reaching through the walls. I didn’t see rapists and criminals. I saw a criminal wall and wall that is raping people’s opportunity.” […]

I had some activist show up at my church and try a stunt like this once.  Do these people not realize how easy it is to VISIT either side of the border? Spring-breaking college students and church youth groups do it ALL THE TIME. 

STAYING is another thing altogether.  Mexico is much stricter on foreigners trying to stay in Mexico than WE ARE on Mexicans trying to crash here permanently. (*And WE are the bigots.*)

I wonder if ‘The Round Rev,’ and the others out there hollering about the mean ol’ Trump wall LOCK their front doors at night while they sleep or while they’re gone during the day.  It’s the same concept.  You lock your doors because you want to protect your family and your assets and control who gets close to your family and assets. What goes on at the southern  border every day is akin to leaving your front door unlocked and wide open when you leave for work every morning. 

People are welcome to visit their friends and family in Mexico and the United States.  There IS a process here, as there is in Mexico, if you want to STAY.  Mexico expects aspiring citizens to follow their process.  We should expect the same.