#ncpol: Puppets SEE, Puppets DO …

A familiar pattern is starting to emerge in regard to the leftist slime machine in our state.  Various opposition research rings funnel their info to either (a) Christensen, Campbell, or Specht (Speck? Speak?) in the sparsely populated N&O newsroom, or (b) Miz Laura over at WRAL.  At that point, Bert & Ernie — Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield of NCPolicyWatch (heavily funded by the owners of WRAL, btw) — pick up the ball and run with it.  Sometimes, the flow is reversed.

Andy / Paul Speech (Speck?) at the N&O unloaded a hit on Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, the likely GOP nominee for governor in 2020, just the other day.  Bert & Ernie got their cue and jumped in on the fray yesterday.  They basically regurgitated Speck’s story and capped it off with this cheap shot:

[…] Bottom line: If Forest is quietly accepting support from and hanging out with the troubled souls at the Word of Faith Fellowship, it would not be at all surprising.[…]

I wonder who attends parties ROB goes to?  (Or if he even gets INVITED to parties.)

Beating on Forest is nothing new.  Here’s another of Bert & Ernie’s cheap hits on Forest: 

As Joe Killian’s blog post from earlier this morning highlights, Greensboro journalist Jordan Green had a disturbing story over the weekend about a group of troubled Triad-area conservatives who recently gathered to discuss their passionate — even violent — opposition to Islam. At the public meeting, attendees discussed, among other things, a supposed surreptitious plot by “moderate Muslims” to take over the United States. At least one attendee talked openly of “killing the hell” out of Muslims. […] 

It is also an organization that once employed Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s Chief of Staff, Hal Weatherman as its National Communications and Marketing Director. This makes sense, of course, since Forest is a crusading soldier of the religious right and an ally of  hateful Islamophobes like Franklin Graham and Steve Noble.  […]

There was no word from Forest or Weatherman on how many times per day it would be permissible for Forest to pray before his loyalty to the country could legitimately be subject to question.

It might be time to start letting WRAL know how little you appreciate their owners funding this leftist slime machine.  There’s nothing “educational” about what Bert and Ernie do.