Tilli$$$ DEPORTED from amnesty talks

Thom Tillis loooooves to talk about crossing the aisle to work with Democrats, but it appears he’s found an instance where they don’t want to work with him:

[…] Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican who has sought to make immigration one of his signature issues, is no longer involved in key bipartisan Senate negotiations over how to protect hundreds of thousands of immigrants who will soon lose their renewable work permits … […]
The senators “would very much like to see Tillis as part of the negotiation, but question his fortitude to take on what he may perceive as a tough issue,” the third person said.

Tillis spokesman Daniel Keylin said the senator has not left the group and did not respond to questions about staff. “Tillis never left the working group, and we have recently attempted to engage with Senate Democrats to continue discussions,” he said. “Unfortunately we have not heard back.”[…]

Still part of the group, eh?  There’s MORE:

[…] Tillis has not been at meetings of the working group for several weeks, according to four people familiar with the negotiations, many of whom blame his staff for discussing private talks, being unresponsive or misrepresenting the senator’s own immigration bill.

The senators, who have met dozens of times over the last two months, including every day leading up to the holiday recess, are widely expected to craft the immigration compromise that will protect Dreamers while increasing border security.

The group, which includes Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado and Democrats Dick Durbin of Illinois and Michael Bennet of Colorado met for an hour Wednesday night at the Capitol. Tillis did not attend, according to people familiar with the meeting. Two other original Republican members, John Cornyn of Texas and James Lankford of Oklahoma, also did not attend, they say.

One of the people familiar with the situation blamed a Tillis staffer for discussing what the senators were negotiating after they had all agreed not to speak to anyone else about it. Another said senators have been irked with a different Tillis staffer for weeks for portraying the senator’s bill as more conservative than it is. A third person blamed Tillis’ staff for being unresponsive, saying Republican members of the group made a decision to move ahead with or without Tillis.[…]

Misrepresenting?  Making himself out to be more conservative than he is?  (I do believe those DC folks are finally catching on to our boy.)

13 thoughts on “Tilli$$$ DEPORTED from amnesty talks

  1. Here is a good example of what North Carolina Republicans think of Tillis and his amnesty proposals, a unanimous resolution blasting him for them from the 3rd Congressional District Republican Executive Committee: http://ncnewsandviews.com/up/CD3RaderResolutiononTillisImmigrationissuesSigned.pdf

    DACA amnesty, according to the Congressional Budget Office would legalize and give a pathway to citizenship for 2 million illegal aliens, not counting the chain migration that would follow, and cost the American taxpayer a net $26 Billion.

    Any politician who supports DACA amnesty is an enemy of America and its taxpayers and citizens.

  2. I have a dream that all the dreamers are deported #DeportTheAll #NoAmnesty #BuildTheWall #SpeakEnglish #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

  3. We lose sight of the fact that parents can put a terrible hardship on their children in a number of ways. Alcohol, drugs, crime, abuse, or TAKING THEM INTO ANOTHER COUNTRY ILLEGALLY.

    It is not the children’s fault, but to grant them citizenship is a slap in the face to the thousands going through the proper process.

    1. Children? A large percentage of these “dreamers” came in as teenagers or at least claim to have been teenagers (illegal aliens lie a lot about things like age when it is to their benefit) and teenagers (or older) are OLD ENOUGH to know they are breaking the law They need to be held to account, not coddled. When Norway started doing dental development examinations to verify claimed age by illegal alien migrants claiming to be unaccompanied minors, they found that 90% of them – NINETY PERCENT – were really adults lying about their age.

      Amnesty Thom’s bill gives them amnesty and a path to citizenship through coming in up to their 17th birthday or claimed 17th birthday, which it provides no real verification for. The Tillis bill does nothing to compel them to back up their claims and would result in many illegals saying whatever it takes to get in. Tillis claims hundreds of thousands would qualify but the Congressional Budget Office says it would be 2 million and that does not even factor in the chain migration that would follow. Considering that the amnesty estimates for Simpson-Mazzolli in 1986 were very much on the low side, that 2 million figure is also probably very much on the low side. So, likely, is the CBO estimate that the net cost to taxpayers of the Tillis DACA amnesty would be $26 Billion.

      To grant them anything, including residency, is a slap in the face to real immigrants, those properly going through the process. And it is a slap in the face to the American taxpayer.

    2. If they were truly children at the time of entry. I have worked for years as a Paralegal and know how that has been misused over the years. Most of these “children” are now almost middle aged. This is all about more votes for the Democrats. The Republicans are either dumb or indifferent.

  4. January is #NoDACA #NoAmnesty #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll month. Be sure to contact the @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP, on a daily basis, to let them know that #AmnestyIsPoliticalSuicide

  5. Would really like to know how many children have been brought into the country , innocently, by their parents. I suspect that it’s only a few, while others hide between this sympathy sounding label. Someone sixteen years old and older are not children. Sending thousands of children on train cars with packed lunches is not exactly dragging them across the border. Already 25% of Mexico’s population live here. That should be enough. Deport’em.

  6. Leaving DACA folks in this country under any form of amnesty is like passing a tax reform plan that leaves the IRS intact. Guaranteed, somewhere down the road, Democrats will make sure it comes back to bite you in the hindquarters.

    1. Precisely. Their idea is to make the rest of the country a one-party dictatorship a la California, via these newly minted Democrat voters.

      1. That’s right! So why doesn’t our elected Republicans seem to realize that. Perhaps they don’t care?

  7. Tillis’ making amnesty for illegal aliens his “signature issue” causes one to wonder about what Tillis and his advisers are using for brains. It has no potential to help him with NC voters and lots of potential to harm him with homestate voters.

    Pollsters can write questions in such a way as to make it look like a majority support DACA on paper, but a deeper look tells another story. First, such polls are generally dressed up in a way to elicit the response wanted, which is not how the issue will be framed on the stump. More tellingly, when one looks at the importance given to this issue, it ranks way down at the bottom. It is not going to move votes for even those who do know all the facts and still agree with this amnesty. Those who do care about stopping this amnesty probably would also rank it low on an issue of importance because the question is framed as giving the amnesty as an important issue, not as stopping amnesty. Those for whom stopping amnesty is a key issue are the conservative voters who come out in GOP primaries and are later essential to winning a general election.

    Those for whom supporting amnesty is an issue that can move their vote cannot be attracted by this issue to vote for a Republican in a general election, because they are liberals on lots of issues, and the Democrat will have a similar position on amnesty. The conservatives for whom stopping amnesty is an issue that moves votes will find Tillis radioactive. They will not vote for him in a primary, and many will not in a general. Between two wide open pro amnesty candidates, they will just sit the race out.

    Considering ticket splitters and low information voters, the results of a poll that the Washington Post did some time back are telling. Using liberal terminology, they asked about how a candidate being for or against “a pathway to citizenship” for “undocumented immigrants” would impact their vote. Among both independents and self-described moderates, the poll found that a Republican who opposed that pathway to citizenship ran 11 points better than a Republican who supported that pathway. If they had used the words “amnesty” and “illegal aliens” in their poll question, the advantage would likely be even more.

    So, Tillis’ position hurts him both with conservatives in the GOP base and with independents and moderates, but gets him no new votes anywhere else. Who in their right mind would make this their “signature issue”?

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