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Greg Murphy for GOVERNOR ???

      I’ve been around politics for a while.  In this game, rumors are as bountiful as pine straw in my neck of the woods.  Though, sometimes they do pan out.   Dr. Greg Murphy of Greenville has been quite the rising star.  He…

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Mark Harris: CLEARED !!!

      It took long enough.  In the wake of that 2018 nail-biter of an election in the 9th congressional district,  a coalition of foaming-at-the-mouth drive-by media, sore-loser Democrats, and establishment Republicans teamed up to slander Mark Harris (R) and reverse the election results….

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All In The (Burr) Family?

    We told you earlier about our senior US senator’s stock market transactions right at the start of this whole coronavirus brouhaha.  Folks from both sides of the aisle called for a probe into Richard Burr’s activities.   Now, it’s being reported that the…

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US Rep. Greg Murphy’s prescription for coping with, coming back from coronavirus

    One of North Carolina’s newest Members of Congress has offered up his two cents on the current crisis and how to find our way out:   Periods of adversity have been a hallmark of human existence. Wars, natural disasters, and past pandemics have…

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Anger “building” in DC over Burr coronavirus investing

  Some people are dismissing the hubbub as pro-Trump forces paying our senior senator back for giving the Democrats so much help during the Russian collusion hoax.   Some are dismissing it as liberals and Democrats trying to score points on a hapless GOP incumbent….

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A spending explosion on Capitol Hill

      Two trillion dollars.  That’s the price tag on the coronavirus relief bill that just moved its way through Congress.   It’s also roughly equal to HALF of the current federal budget.   On one hand,  you can argue that the wallets need…

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What IF Richard Burr’s Senate seat were to become vacant?

  With various folks in the conservative media calling for our senior senator’s resignation and prosecution for insider trading,  all kinds of questions are being raised.  One big one for politicos appears to be:  What happens if Burr resigns or is removed from his seat?…

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NC-11: Still looking like Bennett v. Davis (But Driscoll on the rise?)

  The race to succeed Mark Meadows in the 11th district out west has been rough-and-tumble (to say the least).  A gaggle of Republicans piled into the primary to try and succeed Mark Meadows — the conservative hero and Trump confidante.  Meadows is retiring at…

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NC11: Meadows, Jordan, Freedom Caucus ALL IN for Lynda Bennett

    The Freedom Caucus,  whose members are arguably President Trump’s most loyal foot soldiers in the US House, has gone public with its endorsement of Haywood County GOP activist Lynda Bennett in the race to replace Mark Meadows in DC.  (One would have to…

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NC11: Davis, Bennett pulling away from the rest of the pack?

    That is what we’re being told by authoritative sources (not on the payroll of any campaign) who are keeping a close eye on the race to replace Mark Meadows in Congress.   We’re told that privately-conducted polling shows state senator Jim Davis leading…