*”Testing, testing,1,2,3 — Racism. Cruelty. Racism. Is this on?”*

You can’t take your kids with you when you go to jail. You can’t take your kids with you to your job (in MOST cases).  You can’t take your kids with you when you are admitted to the hospital.

Departments of Social Services all over the country separate kids from families on a daily basis when parents are found to be unfit.

We have hordes of people with no ID rushing our southern border.  There’s little to no proof of family relations.  People are dragging young kids across dangerous cartel-controlled Mexican deserts on foot.  They’re doing this while willfully violating US law. 

There’s no proof of family relations.  How do we know we are not turning a blind-eye to human trafficking in this frenzy to “keep families together”?

One could argue that dragging kids through dangerous Mexican deserts on foot while seeking to break American law makes parents unfit.  Yet, we’re told these kids MUST stay with the grownups they’re traveling with — even though they’ve proven themselves to be unfit to supervise kids and cannot prove they are a parent or guardian of said children.   DSS workers are A-Okay to do what it takes to protect kids.  But if the folks charged with protecting our borders try to do the same thing?  *RACISM. CRUELTY.*  

MS-13 gang members have been caught trying to sneak into the country posing as minors.  Border crossers have been caught with kids who were not theirs.  Pre-teen girls have been caught crossing the border with little more than birth control pills and their parents’ phone numbers written on their clothes.

Parents are sending their kids unaccompanied to ride on top of trains through three countries and into the US.   Try something like that with your kids and see how quick the lefties sic DSS on you.

(The Left thinks this is great.  But remember how they reacted when they heard Mitt Romney drove around with his dog on the roof of his car?)

If you want to move to the US, there are defined port of entries and procedures to follow.

It’s important to know who people are –whether they are voting or trying to cross our national borders.

Leftists love this ruckus because it gives them (1) a chance to score points against Republicans and Trump and (2) a harvest of new poor people dependent on government and ready to vote Democrat.  Not a damn is being given about the security of the country.