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Tillis, Burr, and other NCGOPers push for MORE migrant workers

      We get ads from NFIB claiming Thom Tillis is “fighting to save North Carolina jobs” and then we hear THIS:   A few months before mass joblessness hit the United States, spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis, a number of House and…

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Tillis: MORE Green cards for Indian workers to take jobs from Americans

    All of those “America First”  and “I love Trump” ads don’t appear to match what our junior senator — up for reelection next year — is saying and doing in DC:   GOP Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is championing legislation to reward Indian…

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N&O’s selfie-queen is ALL FOR refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement

  In many places, THAT is called “obstruction of justice” or “obstruction of law enforcement personnel.”  To today’s liberals inside and outside the drive-by media, it’s the new Civil Rights movement. *Pedro and Juanita swam and walked a long way to get here.  The least…

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DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

The DC establishment is working feverishly to avoid the feared government shut-down.  *Can’t tick off The Washington Post and The New York Times, can we?*  (I wish they felt the same about us little people out in fly-over country.)  Republicans STILL allegedly control Capitol Hill….

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NC’s Butterfield, Price bash ICE for DOING ITS JOB.

Mexico is being torn apart by riots over uncontrolled illegal immigration.  Meanwhile, American liberals — from the United Methodist Church to the Democrat Party — want to import that very chaos to our streets. Congressmen David Price and GK Butterfield — who represent some of…

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*”Testing, testing,1,2,3 — Racism. Cruelty. Racism. Is this on?”*

You can’t take your kids with you when you go to jail. You can’t take your kids with you to your job (in MOST cases).  You can’t take your kids with you when you are admitted to the hospital. Departments of Social Services all over…

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#ncga: Senator Sanctuary

We’ve got a senator named Tom in DC who has shown true weakness on illegal immigration and protecting our national borders.  It appears we may have a senator named Tom in Raleigh who may be just as weak. In 2015, senator Tom McInnis was one…

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Amid congressional spending orgy, Thilli$$$ gets his cheap labor

Pelosi and Schumer are doing back-flips celebrating the massive spending that just made its way through the “Republican” Congress. The Chamber and the GOPe are dancing a jig because, once again, the man from Florida Cornelius Huntersville has come through for them BIG: Congress appears…

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What’s up with BJ Barnes?

I first met the current Guilford County sheriff way back in 1988.  He struck me as a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails ‘Dirty Harry’ kind of cop.  In fact, one of my fondest memories of him was a story he told about flying somewhere to pick up a…

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If you can’t beat them, turn their state into a Third World Country.

Remember all of that footage in the driveby media of the “unaccompanied children” pouring across our nation’s southern border the last few years?  Well, things have gotten a little quiet regarding that story.  (*Trump’s trying to build a wall, and trannies are trying to use…