The feds’ continuing undocumented “unaccompanied children” scam

We visited this topic about ten years ago, but — given the current border situation — thought we’d touch base with it again.

Leftists like to tug at your heart-strings about ‘unaccompanied children’ coming across the southern border. *They NEED our attention and compassion!* (Or so we’re told.) 

Your federal government — specifically the Department of Health and Human Services — is distributing all of these unaccompanieds to “sponsors” throughout our nation.

The numbers for fiscal year 2014 ONLY includes October and November of 2023. 

Wake and Mecklenburg counties are the biggest recipients of Unaccompanieds in North Carolina for FY2024.

The feds have an interesting definition of “children.”  

In our country, you’re eligible for a driver license at age sixteen.  At age 18, you can vote, join the military AND get married.  But if you are between ages 16 and 18 — and sneak across our southern border without mom and/or dad — you are a “child” deserving of OUR tax dollars.

Let’s look at the gender breakdown of these “unaccompanied children” our government is dispersing throughout our country.

Males are outnumbering females roughly 2-to-1 since 2020.  Two-thirds of these “kiddos” are aged 15 to 18. (*Nothing to see here.*)

Let’s look at the Countries of Origin for all these unaccompanied “little darlings.”

The percentage of those coming from “all other countries” its at its highest since 2012.  China? Gaza? Iran? Iraq? Afghanistan? (*Nothing to see here.*)

Let’s review.  The folks we elect and pay every April 15 are dumping all kinds of undocumented “unaccompanied” folks — who happen to be teetering on the edge of or RIGHT AT what we know as adulthood.   Conveniently, that’s at the right age to get them registered to vote and signed up for all kinds of social services.  

Instead of sitting around, staring glassy-eyed, and clapping like a seal every time your congress-critter or wannabe congress critter says he’s “fighting for you,” ASK HARD QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS. Demand that they do SOMETHING to short-circuit this clear attempt to sabotage our national livelihood.