We TOLD you !!!


We’ve been making this point for over a decade now.  So many people are just now waking up to what a creep Thommy Rolaids Tillis truly is.  Fresh off of his betrayal of Christians and all other decent people on marriage, Tillis is working to give TWO MILLION illegals amnesty.

Nobody sent him to Washington to do ANY of that. But, he’s doing it.

In 2020, we were told Tillis is so much better than that creep Cal Cunningham.  Tillis went back — barely.  Two years later, Tillis confesses that he and Cunningham are actually BFFs and were just kidding all of us during that campaign thing. 

Here’s one of my favorite writers, Kurt Schlichter:

[…] Issue One is Sen. Thom Tillis’s inexplicable decision to cavort with the communists to secure amnesty and ensure the resulting chain migration of millions of people who will follow behind the illegal aliens he wants to reward for breaking our laws. Look, Tillis was never going to get confused with Stephen Hawking, but this is a remarkably dumb move even by GOP standards. It is terrible policy that directly insults the base after the party has blown two unblowable elections in a month and helps our enemies – it’s a lose-lose-lose. Perhaps he convened a council of renowned idiots to come up with an initiative that combines treating the base like Taylor Swift treats her exes with handing the enemy millions of votes while making a mockery of the rule of law. Well, the Great Idiot Council did a great job.

The Tillis Plan is actually remarkable in its comprehensive idiocy. Basically, Tillis allows millions of illegal aliens to become Democrat-voting citizens – and import their entire families – in return for the Democrats pinky-swearing that they will sort of enforce the law that is already on the books a little more than they are doing now, which is none. No wall, of course. No stepped-up deportations. Nothing but a promise from an administration that has already refused to keep its promise to enforce the law. Charlie Brown would see this football pull coming. Wimpy will be at Tillis’s door dunning the Senator for burger money for which he will happily repay him Tuesday. And then he’ll stiff him.[…]

Schlichter errs somewhat in labeling Tillis as “stupid.”  (He DID take three decades or so — a dozen or so community colleges and one “online college” to get his bachelor’s degree.)

I believe he’s more of a trailer-park grifter than a moron.  He’s great at the short or long con.  Tillis is street-smart, like a lot of the guys and gals you see in our state prisons.   Sometimes, street smarts do you more good than book smarts.  In politics, you are surrounded by dirtbags.  Street smarts, in environments like that, can help you survive or even thrive.

Since that day in 2010 when those Charlotte bag-men introduced their “new leader” to the Raleigh GOP mucky-mucks, Tillis has been in it to enrich and promote himself, his family, and his friends.  Cash in his hands got you a sweet deal in the NC House. It still, apparently, does in the US Senate.  You and I don’t matter to him.  I doubt that Susie and the kids truly matter to him.  It is ALL ABOUT Thom. Don’t you forget it.


[…] Really – is Tillis stupid? This seems more than normal dumb. It seems pathological. Does he need a clinical workup? It’s charitable to assume the senator is merely a dumbass – hell, every one of us remembers every other “amnesty for broken promises” scam, so why doesn’t he? The alternative is that Tillis is in active collusion with our enemies. After all, what would he be doing differently if he was?

Is whichever Carolina he represents until his ass gets primaried some sort of hotbed of pro-illegal alien coddling? I doubt it. One wonders where Tillis got the idea that what the Republican base wants is to throw out the red carpet to a bunch of illegal aliens and their entire family trees. The base is going nuts about the border being left open and Tillis thinks the “border security” fig leaf is going to hide the unit the Democrats will use on us good and hard.

Who is happy about Tillis’s brainstorm outside of the Democrats? Maybe Big Business, to the limited extent it is distinguishable from the Democrats these days. […] No one in the Republican Party outside of Washington, D.C., wants amnesty. No one. How many times do we need to say it? And you can label illegal aliens “undocumented workers,” “dreamers,” or “actors of love” all you want. They broke our laws. They get nothing but the boot. They can kiss our amnesty.

Look, it’s pretty clear that Thom Tillis is the Mazie Hirono of the GOP, the dumbest member of a dumb party.Again, that’s being charitable. It’s the best-case scenario. The more cynical among us might suspect that Tillis knows exactly what a complete betrayal of the already betrayed-out GOP base this is and simply does not care. But I have faith in Thom Tillis. I think he’s just really stupid. […]

I can remember when American conservatives praised North Carolina for a principled man they repeatedly sent to the Senate.  Now, the weasel who holds that principled man’s seat has turned us into an object of scorn and ridicule.

You can sit on this blog forever and bitch about the Wake & Meck Big Grift that is running our state party into the ground.  Or you can organize and take a stand for conservatism. Return the NCGOP to its winning ways and its roots.  Or you can work AROUND the NCGOP, like Mr. Helms, Mr. Ellis, and Mr. Wrenn did so well for so many years.