Senator For Sale


People joke about elected officials being motivated solely by cash.  But I had never seen such an open, blatant, in-your-face example of that until Thom Tillis showed up on the scene. This guy has no guiding principles whatsoever.  His decisions on how to proceed appear to be based solely on how BIG the last check placed in his hand was. (*I wonder how much Susie’s family had to pay him?*)

Folks,THAT is a special kind of whore.  And it also happens to be our soon-to-be senior US senator.


A former neighbor of the Tillis family in Mecklenburg County joked one time to me:  You can’t run into Thom and avoid being hit up for some cash.  I’ve long believed that if you really want Thom to come over to your house, all you need to do is tape a 50-dollar bill on the front door.”

A lot of folks were shocked over Tillis’s leading role in the legalization of same-sex marriage.  I knew it was going to happen. Thom may be a weasel and a scoundrel, but he DOES do what he’s been PAID to do.

Prior to his 2020 escape from Democrat whore Cal Cunningham (no wonder they’ve become such good friends), a bunch of gay activists in DC honored Thom with a high-dollar fundraiser.  Thom showed up, pocketed the money, and claimed gay rights was something very important to him.  (Notice he made the “very important” statement AFTER he got the last check at that fundraiser. )

Tilli$$$ got major kudos from the DC and Raleigh establishments, as well as the drive-by media, for his “courage” in getting the Respect for Marriage Act out of filibuster territory. Tilli$$$ tried to sell the legislation as respectful toward religious liberty.

Here, a member of the House Freedom Caucus and another really smart guy tell the truth about the bill.

US senator Mike Lee (R-UT) disagrees with our Thommy. Lee circulated a letter pitching an amendment to the legislation that actually protects religious liberty.  Ol’ ThomT would not go anywhere near that.  (You church people apparently didn’t pony up as much cash as the pink triangle crowd did.)

Well, the US Senate voted 61-39 today to codify same-sex marriage into federal law.  Burr came back from his war against the pizza parlor in Nags Head to aid and abet his pal Thommy in one last screwing of the folks back home.

You can actually trace Thom’s bought-and-paid-for reputation back to election night 2010.  That was when the GOP had their big day and took over most of Raleigh, including the NC House.  A well-placed GOP source told me that — while then-GOP leader Skip Stam and other GOP leaders celebrated backstage at the big Raleigh victory party — some monied Charlotte interests dragged then-nobody Thom Tillis over and into the conversation.  The assembled GOPers were reportedly told by the Charlotte moneymen: “Fellas, meet your new leader — Thom Tillis.”

And the rest is history.

So, Thom Tillis has at least a nearly 13-year history of being FOR SALE and / or a wholly-owned subsidiary of powerful special interests.  Thom does what these guys tell him, as well as anything else that keeps the cash flowing.  We are incidental to it all — an annoyance he has to tolerate every six years now.  

So, now he and out-the-door Dickie Burr are on-record as violating the state and national GOP platform.  

What happens now?  Likely, nothing.  And that establishes an interesting precedent.  Why bother even having a platform, especially if it’s going to be ignored and violators are not to be punished?

People — so distracted with trying to navigate this economic mess and feed, clothe and shelter their families — will continue to vote for who Raleigh and DC tell them to.

If you think the next two to six years will be better, think about this: ELEVEN GOP senators ran across the aisle to aid the Democrats.  That eleven plus the two dozen or so RINOs in the House guarantee that nothing remotely conservative is going to happen on Capitol Hill any time soon.  Our only hope — and our nation’s — is that gridlock can be achieved.  Nothing accomplished on Capitol Hill is a hell of a lot better than more socialism. 

You’d likely have to go back to The Roman Empire to find the last time a great nation fell to pieces thanks to internal corruption and cultural rot.