#ncsen: Tom Farr STILL left hanging out there

I am sure Thomas Farr is starting to feel like a ping-pong ball.  DC politicians and special interests have batted him and his reputation back and forth since 2006 over the promise of a federal judgeship.

The leftist point of contention over Farr?  He worked for the late Senator Jesse Helms. He was a good soldier in the courtroom for the NCGOP in standing up to the Left’s “Sue ’til it’s Blue” strategy.  And the leftist goons are making him pay on both of those counts.

The leftists and their compatriots in the driveby media have practically made “Racist” Farr’s middle name.  (It doesn’t MATTER there’s no evidence to support it.)  They’ve even rolled out The Round Rev to put the cherry on the top of this putrid, feces-stained smear sundae.  

We have a Republican president and vice-president and GOP majorities in the US House and Senate.  Our state has TWO Republican senators.

Farr was nominated in January 2017.  The clock ran out on the nomination, and Trump resubmitted it.  In January 2018, Farr’s nomination made it out of the Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote.  Now, all that is left is a vote on the Senate floor.

Our two senators are members of the Senate majority.  One would think they’d have the pull to secure a vote on the Senate floor regarding Farr. The nomination has been sitting out there since January.  Here we are in June.

Where are Richard Burr and Thom Tillis on this?  Are they and McConnell intimidated by The Round Rev and his mob?

Perhaps they’ve accepted the argument that having worked for Helms is akin to participation in nighttime cross-burnings while wearing bed-sheets.

If that’s true, they’re smearing an awful lot of good GOP soldiers who did yeoman’s work with Senator No.  They’re also smearing the memory of the man responsible for bringing an awful lot of Democrats over to the GOP in North Carolina.  

Anyone approached in the future by Tillis or Burr about a federal appointment should first look long and hard at the Farr affair.  If leftists start hollering, it’s clear these two will not fight for you.