Patrick McHenry’s BFF in DC calls for mob violence

No, NOT Dee Stewart.  (The OTHER one.) 

It wasn’t long ago that congressman Patrick McHenry was cooing over his best friend on-the-other-side-of-the-aisle Maxine Waters (D-CA):

[…]”I’ve got a very good relationship with and have been able to pass serious legislation with Maxine Waters. I’ve got enormous respect for Maxine; I think she’s smart and capable. I think we’ve got opportunities to do more in the future. And I just like her.”[…]

Many of you may remember dear sweet Maxine for her portrayal of ‘Aunt Esther’ on the long-running “Sanford & Son” television sitcom.  Others may remember her loony, hysterical rantings about white people that would get a white person saying the same thing about black people, say, um, fired from their own sitcom.  (Or worse.)

Maxine is back in the news.  This time, she’s encouraging mob violence against Trump administration officials and supporters.

And we’re not hearing a peep in response from her BFF from North Carolina.  (Understandable — since McHenry was a Jeb Bush supporter in 2016.)

What’s even more interesting is how McHenry — the chief deputy whip in the US House and a member of Congress since 2005 — is distancing himself from his workplace.  Look at how he’s identifying himself on Twitter this year:

That’s right. “US House candidate, NC-10” and not “seven-term incumbent congressman.”

Technically, he’s correct.  But it’s a clear attempt to fool those low-info drain-the-swamp voters.

*”Oh, I’m not one of those guys.  It’s outrageous what they’re doing up in DC. MAH-GAH, dude.”*

5 thoughts on “Patrick McHenry’s BFF in DC calls for mob violence

  1. Patrick McHenry was one of only two GOP Congressmen from North Carolina who voted today for the Paul Ryan Amnesty Plan for illegal aliens. The other was Robert Pittenger who was defeated in his GOP primary this year and is therefore a lame duck. With votes against the GOP base on a major issue like that one, a solid conservative challenger should be able to put McHenry out to pasture to join Pittenger next primary.

    1. He’s everybody’s friend up there, don’t be surprised to hear his name realistically bandied about as a future Speaker.

      1. McHenry brown noses the likes of Boehner and Ryan, that is true, but it is the voters who need to deal with him the same way they dealt with Renee Ellmers and Robert Pittenger.

        The Ryan amnesty bill that McHenry voted for would have given amnesty to 2.2 million illegal aliens, over three times the 700.000 in the Obama DACA program. It would have even let them sponsor their parents for citizenship, the very ones who illegally brought them into the country in the first place. Voting for this amnesty debacle is unforgettable and unforgiveable. McHenry needs to go.

  2. Patrick McHenry is like a midget standing in front of a urinal,he just doesn’t measure up.

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