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Patrick McHenry’s BFF in DC calls for mob violence

No, NOT Dee Stewart.  (The OTHER one.)  It wasn’t long ago that congressman Patrick McHenry was cooing over his best friend on-the-other-side-of-the-aisle Maxine Waters (D-CA): […]”I’ve got a very good relationship with and have been able to pass serious legislation with Maxine Waters. I’ve got…

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#ncpol: John Boehner disses Meadows, praises McHenry

Politico has a lengthy profile on the speaker-in-exile.  It offers some real insight into the former DC powerbroker-turned-golf-cart-jockey.  (Especially about how foul-mouthed he is.) In the article, Boehner singles out two members of the North Carolina delegation: […] Cantor’s loss triggered a leadership shuffle: McCarthy…

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#ncpol: GOP argues amongst itself on killing ObamaCare

They got their majorities in Washington on the promise to kill ObamaCare.  They got The White House too, based partially on the promise to kill ObamaCare. You’d figure the GOP — fully in the driver’s seat — would be going on a de-regulation and cutting…

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#ncpol: McHenry putting the shiv to Meadows, ObamaCare repeal

Uber-consultant Dee Stewart’s best friend EVER and alleged Republican, congressman Patrick McHenry, is sounding off in Washington media about his true feelings on ObamaCare: […] Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), the GOP’s chief deputy whip, said Wednesday that the Freedom Caucus’s calls for states to be able to…

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#ncga: Speaker Moore’s cousin to primary McHenry

It seems — especially this year — that there is never a dull moment in North Carolina politics:   Jason Falls is chairman of the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners.  He’s also first cousins (once removed, according to Moore)  with NC House speaker Tim Moore….

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NC-02: Heritage Action says Renee Ellmers most liberal GOP House member from NC

Heritage Action, the political arm of The Heritage Foundation, produces ratings that have become the gold standard for evaluating how conservative Members of Congress truly are.  They track votes throughout the year and rate each member of the House and Senate on a scale of ZERO…

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#ncpol: Who voted to keep funding ObamaCare? THESE GUYS !!!!

We’ve got all kinds of incumbent congressional critters running around claiming they struck a fatal blow to ObamaCare.  We’ve got information that says OTHERWISE.  On October 23, the GOP-CONTROLLED HOUSE  took an interesting vote:  The Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act (H.R. 3762) would not…

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Dems– STILL the minority — celebrate their Omnibus victory

Hear it in their own words:  […] The Democrats’ victory, and Republican Ryan’s defeat, was garishly displayed when his omnibus got more Democratic votes in the House and in the Senate than it got Republican votes. “I said I would not accept a lot of…

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The omnibus: Bleeding us dry. Lying to our faces. Killing our country.

It’s $1.1 trillion dollars.  It’s 2009 pages.  It was written by FOUR lawmakers and a bunch of lobbyists.   Politicians like Renee Ellmers want to sell it as a great “tax cut”’ package.  (But there are credits, not cuts. And ObamaCare-related taxes are postponed a…

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#ncpol: Pittenger, McHenry come to the aid of Boehner & Obama on budget

North Carolina Republicans Robert Pittenger and Patrick McHenry were TWO of the seventy-nine Republicans who joined with ALL of the Democrats in the House to pass the debt-increasing, budget-busting deal formulated in the middle of the night by The Orange Man and his buddy Barry….