Murphy & McCarthy, the ‘bully boys’

Some guys don’t seem to ever outgrow their bad habits from junior high.  Cases in point: disgraced former House speaker Kevin McCarthy and disgraceful current congressman Greg Murphy.

Back in October, Murphy was caught on camera apparently lowering his shoulder and bumping congressman Matt Gaetz football-style from behind in an intentional, aggressive manner.  Gaetz had just orchestrated the removal of Kevin McCarthy from the speaker’s dais.

A McCarthy-Murphy alliance would have seemed unthinkable a few years back when Murphy first ran for North Carolina’s Third District seat in Congress.  Murphy, then a state legislator, had a moderate-to-liberal voting record.  On the stump, Murphy claimed he had been ‘born-again’ as a conservative.  He carried Barry Goldwater’s epic tome ‘Conscience of a Conservative’ as a prop everywhere he went.

In his primary run-off with fellow Republican Joan Perry, McCarthy and Elise Stefanik worked hard for Perry  and against Murphy.  They hosted DC fundraisers for Perry where they ridiculed and mocked Murphy.  In response, Murphy campaigned with Mark Meadows and Jim Jordangiving voters the distinct impression he would be with those guys from DAY ONE once he got to Washington. 

Murphy won the runoff and general — thanks in BIG PART to the work of Meadows and Jordan.  As thanks to those guys, Murphy ran over to McCarthy as fast as he could – not even looking back. 

Fast forward to today, where Kevin McCarthy appears to have emulated Murphy from October.  It all got witnessed by — of all people — an NPR reporter:

Adding to all this,  congressman Gaetz has now filed an ethics complaint against McCarthy over the Burchett incident.

Okay.  So, you take the story about Patrick McHenry sabotaging the votes for speaker after McCarthy’s removal and add that to these Murphy and McCarthy episodes, you really have to wonder if junior high is really all that different from serving in the United States Congress.

(Murphy better pray Gaetz doesn’t seek the assistance of Nancy Mace on this matter.)