The SCC Files: DEI wins AGAIN.

“Meet The New Boss.  Same as The Old Boss….”
— The Who, 1971

That didn’t take long.

Some folks, whose political instincts I respect and trust, swore to me that new Sandhills Community College president Sandy Stewart would go gangbusters in cleaning up the mess left on Airport Road by John Dempsey, George Little, and Larry Caddell.

In June, things looked promising.  The school’s board of trustees approved a policy limiting banners that could be displayed in public on-campus areas to: (1) academic pursuits, (2) athletic events, and (3) athletic events.  Sounds reasonable, eh? 

It looked like a pretty safe way to keep the college out of political controversies involving bad actors like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  

At least one faculty member didn’t like it.  He took to the school’s email system to try and rally his colleagues to protest the policy.

The professor came to work with protest signs on his vehicle. His TikTok profile made it clear that he would not be happy unless leftist paraphernalia could be flown inside the college’s student center.

A protest was organized for last Saturday.  Roughly 10 to 15 people showed.  Nearly half of those were kids younger than college-age.  Our local paper actually had the gall to refer to this gathering as a “crowd.”

TikTok videos indicate that the school’s “LGBTQ community” and the “Latino community” also participated in this *massive protest.*

The professor-turned-protester and a couple of his friends strongly suggested that the college was trampling on and disrespecting his “culture” by not allowing his paraphernalia to display publicly.  (One of the protest signs reminded us white folks that we are trespassing on “native land.”  *Nice, huh?*)

The board of trustees went into panic.  Not long after the protest, we heard about a policy change.  The limitations on the display of banners would only be for poles beside the road (Airport Road).

*”Oh, we respect culture.  Yes, we do.  Respect, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.”*

Surely, the rest of the loud, boisterous left kept an eye on all this.  Roughly a dozen “protesters” scared the college administrators into backing down, off, and away.  That’s IT.

So, what happens when the rainbow LGBT flags, the BLM stuff,  and the Palestinian flags want to fly?  The tuck-tail- and-run tactic utilized in this case sure has opened up a Pandora’s box.

Want more info on how badly Sandhills has pandered to these people?  Check this out:

[…] This past Wednesday, the college held a Native American Culture event outside the Dempsey Student Center, at which members of the Lumbee Tribe shared information about song, dance and regalia.

The event was advertised in the school’s weekly email newsletter, shared with the campus community. The newsletter described the event as well as a few paragraphs detailing the history of seven Native American tribes in North Carolina.

“This month serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles and resilience of Native communities,” the newsletter read. “It allows us to engage in open dialogue and take action to address injustices and disparities still faced. Right now, it is important to raise awareness of Indigenous issues, especially in education, advocacy, and cultural preservation efforts.

“At Sandhills and other secondary institutions, we can further these goals by elevating Native American student and faculty voices throughout the year. Whether student or staff, we are always seeking unique perspectives from members of the SCC community.”

It then lists an email contact for staff and students to contact with the personal stories that they wish to share in either a written submission, live interview or other applicable sharing methods.

The newsletter also listed other upcoming diversity, equity and inclusion dates it will observe, including Veteran’s Day, World Kindness Day, International Men’s Day, Transgender Day of Remembrance and International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to name a few.

SCC President Sandy Stewart, who took over the top role at the end of June after the revised banner policy was approved, said that the policy is just limited to flagpoles and light posts at the front of the campus. The college, he said, still insists upon celebrating the different interests and months of recognition important to those on campus.

“It is regrettable that that policy change constituted the college as a less welcoming place,” he said.[…]

A little translation for you:  “Welcoming” means you cave to every screamed demand from these people.  “Not welcoming” means you stand by principles and don’t want to play their games.  (Brace yourself if you are deemed “not welcoming”. “RACIST” comes next.)

Moore County has long been an irritant to the state’s leftists.  The county has been more conservative than its neighbors, and has regularly voted Republican in large numbers.  That’s why we’ve had drag shows in Southern Pines and resolutions demanding local governments “denounce hate.”  The aim is to knock us back on our heels and put us in a never-ending defensive stance.  A college campus full of left-wing faculty and staff put in place by John Dempsey and overseen by the clueless duo Little & Caddell can be a great base of operations.

The whole argument guiding this recent “protest” – the “oppressed” (Indians) standing up to their “oppressors” (conservative white people) — is straight out of the playbook of DEI and Karl Marx. DEI – Diversity, Equity, and inclusion – is straight-up marxism with a bunch of identity politics mixed in.  It has infested most all public education institutions and many big businesses.  DEI came to Sandhills under John Dempsey and has flourished.  (It seems like just yesterday when the dean of diversity herself cautioned white employees to “reflect on [their] white privilege.”)

DEI has its own office, its own committee, and its own staff.  Its mission is to incorporate DEI into every aspect of the college. Hirings will be made to “correct” all perceived wrongdoings in the past allegedly inflicted upon LGBTs, women, and POCs (people of color).

The current dean of diversity at Sandhills, Shenika Ward, is busy on social media promoting a national conference on DEI — featuring such topics as how to discuss the upcoming “polarizing” election at work, and how to weather “political attacks” on DEI.

All this talk about politics! I thought education was the name of the game out there on Airport Road!

Keep all this in mind, folks, the next time the college comes calling with hat in hand.  THIS is what they want to fund and promote with YOUR money.