The SCC Files: A faculty mutiny (organized via school resources) underway?

We gave the “new” Board of Trustees at Sandhills Community College an “attaboy” for taking a slap at the DEI / CRT “beast” unleashed on the campus by the beloved John Dempsey.  The board approved a policy change recently that limited on-campus banners to those promoting school-approved educational opportunities or athletic events or shows at the performing arts center.

You would not know this if you restrict your reading to our local newspaper, Pravda-on-Pennsylvania. The two shot-callers over there – David Woronoff and John Nagy – place greater emphasis on settling scores with their (or Mrs. Nagy’s) perceived foes than actually telling their readers the truth.

The paper has basically ignored the board for more than a decade.  It’s been reported that the board has basically ignored Open meetings laws for about the last decade.  You would think Pravda would care about stuff like Open Meetings. But then, why would you if your focus is mainly on protecting cronies, smearing foes, and hiding the truth?

Open meetings law violations — especially more than a decade of them – can really open the college up to expensive lawsuits.  (Ask Pinehurst about that.)

Back to the policy change at Sandhills.  Apparently, the whole banner change thing is not sitting well with at least one woke member of the college’s faculty.  Here he is, using his school email, to attempt to rally his colleagues against the board’s policy change on banners:

This guy — and the rest of the faculty and staff – need to remember that they work FOR the board. Granted, George Little and Larry Caddell and John Dempsey have spent years running the board like a fascist dictatorship while the remaining board members sat silently and waited to vote how those three wanted them to vote.

Hopefully the two new board members — despite being victimized by so much Woronoff-Nagy venom – can inspire more independent thinking on the board.  The Sandhills Board of Trustees is NOT  George Little and Larry Caddell’s personal political machine.  It is an organ meant to be used as the eyes and ears of the taxpayers and donors who fund the college.

If you’ve been sitting on that board – waiting for orders from George and Larry – you have failed your friends and neighbors miserably. You SHOULD do the decent thing and resign. Or possibly grow a pair and start questioning what you’re being fed and what’s being done right before your eyes.