Oh, yeah. Here are the ECU e-mails.

Remember all those folks who loudly poo-pooed the idea that tranny-grooming of minors was going on at East Carolina and other state supported schools?  Well, Education First Alliance of North Carolina put a lot of that to rest.

With the help of some allies in the legislature, EFA obtained nearly 3700 pages of internal emails from East Carolina’s School of Medicine that appear to cast doubt on the veracity of the officially-blessed but FALSE narrative.

The entire cache of released emails is now available on EFA’s website. 

Click the “ECU Emails” tab at the top of the homepage (sixth tab from the left).  Once on the linked page, you’ll see there are nearly 3700 pages of stuff to review.

You can even print them out and use them to wipe that smug look off of Henry Hinton’s face.