Snitch on Speaker Timmy and earn yourself $5,000!

Well,  our previous story about a reward for information leading to the positive ID of Speaker Tim Moore’s co-defendant “John Doe” has sparked a lot of interest.  We’ve received a lot of interest and a lot of pledges. The pledged reward amount, as of right now, stands at FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. 

To review, you need to correctly and positively ID the person (or people) shown in the following three pictures:


Again, you don’t get any money unless Mr. Lassiter’s attorneys confirm that you have identified the correct person or people.  (The reward offer is also invalid if the attorneys have IDed “John Doe” prior to the publication of this post. It is also invalid if the attorneys or law enforcement ID “John Doe” without the help of an informant inspired by this post.  The offer is also invalid if the identity of “John Doe” is published in another media outlet prior to you coming forward.) 

We need to make sure there is nothing nefarious going on here.  Hopefully, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding.  *Maybe the guy got stranded and lost in the middle of Lassiter’s shrubbery one night.*

Happy hunting.