REWARD OFFERED for info leading to POSITIVE ID of Speaker Timmy’s co-defendant

Sometimes, it take cold hard cash to motivate people to cough up info and do the right thing.  Many a lawman will tell you that.

Everyone knows about the bombshell lawsuit brought by Raleigh-area resident Scott Lassiter against NC House Speaker Tim Moore.  Moore is IDed as a defendant in the suit, along with someone referenced as “John Doe.”  Photos of the mysterious John Doe were included in the original complaint  filed by Lassiter’s lawyers.  We did our part to display those photos HERE and HERE.

In. the interest of justice, and getting to the bottom of this story, we all NEED to know who “John Doe” is and to hear his side of things.

So, The Daily Haymaker is ponying up a reward for information leading to the POSITIVE ID of the person in the photos provided by Lassiter’s lawyers.  This does not mean money in exchange for throwing us a name. POSITIVE ID means that Scott Lassiter and his attorneys need to confirm that you have indeed correctly IDed the person in their photos.  

So far, we have accumulated a pot of reward money totaling $125 in cold hard American cash.  If you would like to pledge money to the reward fund, email us through the web site. It would be great if we could make this a community effort to see that justice is served.

Again, you don’t get any money unless Mr. Lassiter’s attorneys confirm that you have identified the correct person.  (The reward offer is also invalid if the attorneys have IDed “John Doe” prior to the publication of this post. It is also invalid if the attorneys ID “John Doe” without the help of an informant inspired by this post.  The offer is also invalid if the identity of “John Doe” is published in another media outlet.) 

The lucky recipient of the reward will have his or her prize hand-delivered to them (within the boundaries of North Carolina) by a bona fide conservative celebrity.