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If drag queens can tell stories, I guess it’s OK for Speaker Timmy.

    There are indications that Raleigh Republicans are getting a little nervous about the possibility of holding the state House seat vacated by now-congressman Greg Murphy and currently held by appointee Perrin Jones.  (A significant chunk of the district is Greenville and Pitt County.)….

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Vultures already circling Richard Burr? (TIMMY for Senate ???)

    Things are looking rough for US senator Richard Burr.  The FBI is paying a lot of attention to him.  (They have his iPhone, as well.). He’s lost his committee chairmanship.     If, for some reason, Richard Burr were to leave office early…

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  Maybe the rats ARE abandoning the ship.         First we hear David Lewis is taking up farming AND insurance.  Now, we’re hearing talk that a certain Boy Wonder from Kings Mountain may be eyeing a certain top job in a certain…

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#hayesscandal: Speaker Timmy, Chairman Costanza, & Berger also huddled with Lindberg. (Timmy & Wayne got some $$$. Phil, apparently, did not.)

  Insurance commissioner Mike Causey has hinted that more indictments are likely on the way in this mess.  Could some new drive by media reporting be pointing us in the direction of where this case goes next?:   Top Republican legislative leaders met repeatedly with…

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N&O’s selfie-queen is ALL FOR refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement

  In many places, THAT is called “obstruction of justice” or “obstruction of law enforcement personnel.”  To today’s liberals inside and outside the drive-by media, it’s the new Civil Rights movement. *Pedro and Juanita swam and walked a long way to get here.  The least…

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#ncga: Speaker Timmy. A Man with a Plan. (Which the DEMS loooooove.)

  Bambi’s mom.  Ol’ Yeller.  It’s sad to sit and watch beloved things breathe their final breaths.  Better get used to it folks.  You can stick  fork in North Carolina’s 2010 ‘conservative revolution.’  It’s pretty much done.  Speaker Timmy has been waddling around the state…

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#ncga: Tim Moore, innocent victim.

  In the Speaker Joe Hackney era, you use campaign funds to buy yourself some new suits and you get bounced out of the House. Do it in the Tim Moore era, and you get promoted up the food chain in the House.  I disagreed…

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FoT (Friend-of-Timmy) @ center of chicken plant complaint got PAID for months after he QUIIT.

It’s good to be a Friend of Timmy.  You can lose your election and still end up having the taxpayers pay you a salary bigger than the governor or lieutenant governor (who had to WIN elections to get their payday). Former legislator and Speaker Timmy…

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#ncga: And then there were TWO! (Perhaps a THIRD?)

We already told you about John Blust getting a visit from the FeeBs.  Now it appears another Republican legislator also had an unexpected encounter: FBI agents reached out to at least two members of the N.C. House of Representatives in recent months, asking questions about…

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#ncga: FBI? (O-M-G.)

It’s been whispered around the halls of the legislative building for years now:  The feds are hot on the trail of Speaker Timmy and his pals.   Now, according to one former legislator, that piece of workplace gossip may be coming true: A former state…