The CharO frets over hurting Speaker Timmy’s, um, ”feelings”.


Yeah, seriously.

Don’t be fooled by the bowl haircut, the big glasses, and the turtleneck.  Speaker Timmy – in addition to being QUITE the ladies man – is actually one hard-nosed, vindictive, mean-as-a-snake poodle.  (He can give it back ten times harder than it was given to him.)

Apparently, one of The CharO’s scribbler-ettes was astonished that people actually discuss the good, bad, AND ugly in elections:

Only 23 minutes passed before the first attack from a candidate in the 14th Congressional District race took place.

On Thursday night, House Speaker Tim Moore’s campaign adviser, Paul Shumaker, confirmed to McClatchy that Moore would announce he would run for Congress.

Pat Harrigan, a Republican who declared his run more than two months ago, immediately sent out a news release attacking Moore on the scandal that recently plagued Moore’s tenure in the state House.

“Lets be clear: Tim Moore carries a legacy of corruption, from being bought and paid for by the casino and gambling bosses, to taxpayer-funded sexual escapades,” Harrigan said in a news release. “Such a man does not represent NC14’s values, nor does he deserve its trust.“

Moore recently found himself a defendant in an alienation of affection lawsuit, accused of having an affair with a married state employee that resulted in the couple’s divorce. He also navigated an intraparty battle over whether to allow four casinos to be built across the state, which he publicly supported.[…]

Wow. Talk about understating and downplaying matters.

Moore got caught playing around with one Jamie Lassiter – who represented the state’s clerks of court in their dealings with the legislature.  Initially, Moore and his paramour took the tack of blaming the husband – insinuating he was mentally unstable and lying about the state of the marriage and everything else.  As the story developed, Moore dropped the whole mental angle and eventually adjusted his story about the details of his relations with Mrs. Lassiter. A later sworn deposition involving Mrs. Lassiter confirmed the date of the divorce AND the fact she was indeed married while running around with Timmy. (No apologies yet from Timmy, as far as we know.)

The hubbub over the casino deal was about how it was carried out.  It got stuck in the well-overdue state budget proposal negotiated behind closed doors.  Lots and lots of lobbyist money got passed around during those “negotiations.”  Timmy thumbed his nose at the public over the whole deal until the outcry and pressure from the public got to be too much.

He also tried to kill off proposals to limit pediatric transgender services and a parents bill of rights.  But the heat made him and his team back off.

Nobody picked on Timmy.  He monkeyed around and GOT CAUGHT. 


[…] “My experience, which is a little bit more extensive in this than most people in politics, is that those who are behind and those that are desperate, tend to be the ones who lash out first,” Shumaker said in response to Harrigan’s statement. […]

Really?  How do you explain the recent poll from the Harrigan campaign showing a tight race from the beginning that it becomes a runaway loss for Moore once his true record gets revealed?

Sometimes you have to do that revealing yourself when you’re faced with a drive-by media already covering up for Beth Wood AND Mark Robinson. 

Nobody likes to have their misbehavior publicized. It’s especially inconvenient when you are trying to grift your way into a new political office.  If ol’ Paul has any kind of documentation showing Moore well-ahead, he needs to show it.  

Here’s what we have on the Tim Moore-Jamie Lassiter affair. 

AND here is our lengthy archive of Timmy’s legislative shenanigans. 

It’s interesting to see Timmy following the Tillis template: play speaker while running for a congressional office.  Here we have some examples of his recent use of the “speaker’s discretionary fund” to benefit his  possible new constituents. (Damn, I hate leaning on Schofield.  But, when he has a point …. ) No one else in the congressional race can dip into the state treasury willy-nilly to buy votes.

The inside-the-beltline scribblers love their tubby little Timmy.  I’ve talked with some political pros familiar with our state’s politics – currently with no dog in the fight for the 14th district – who say Timmy is very vulnerable in a congressional primary.

We’ll have to see.