Did court filing spill the beans on Speaker Timmy?


Remember all the hubbub over Scott Lassiter’s alienation of affection complaint against the speaker?  Initially, the spin from Team Timmy (the speaker, Jamie Lassiter, et. al.) was that Scott was mentally disturbed and that he and Jamie Lassiter had been separated for years.

Here’s Timmy in June:

North Carolina Republican House Speaker Tim Moore acknowledged in an interview with WBTV Tuesday that he had a “casual relationship” with Jamie Liles Lassiter, a married state employee, who Moore says was separated from her husband.

Moore denied allegations in a lawsuit by Lassiter’s estranged husband that he used his political power to start or continue the relationship. He said he strongly denied those allegations in a meeting with Republican House members, calling them utterly false.

“But I also told them that when it came to Ms. Lassiter that she’s separated, I’m a divorced man and that we had had a casual relationship for time,” Moore told WBTV. “About the situation in December that was alleged where we had dinner together, we did, where we spent time together thereafter. And then were I actually met with her estranged husband a few days later where I acknowledged to him the same thing as well, as well as my understanding that they were in fact separated.” […]

And here is the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Lassiter also in June:

[…] In a television interview on Tuesday, Moore acknowledged having a “casual” relationship with her but rejected other legal claims filed against him as “absolutely 100% false.” Moore, who has been elected to five terms in the job since 2015, is the state’s longest serving House speaker. […]

Lassiter’ lawsuit alleges that his wife, Jamie Liles Lassiter, wouldn’t end her relationship with Moore for fear of losing her job — leading to their separation in January after more than nine years of marriage.

In a statement, Moore said it was “a baseless lawsuit from a troubled individual. We will vigorously defend this action and pursue all available legal remedies.”

Jamie Lassiter is executive director of the North Carolina Conference of Clerks of Superior Court. She called the lawsuit “outrageous and defamatory” and said her husband is “lashing out” at the end of their divorce proceedings.

“The claims are not only false but impossible as we’ve been separated with a signed separation document for years,” she said in a news release from her attorney. “I’m a strong professional woman, and the only person who has ever abused me or threatened my career was my soon to be ex-husband.”[…]

As more details — shooting holes in Team Timmy’s spin — started to emerge, the case got quietly settled.

Well, the Lassiters are now deep into their divorce proceedings in Wake County court.  Jamie Lassiter’s attorneys have filed documents (HERE and HERE) confirming that their client and her husband, Scott, have been separated since January 11, 2023. 

That’s certainly different from being “separated for years.”  Moore – in June 2023 – admitted to being involved with Jamie Lassiter for roughly three years.

Hmmm.  So, Scott Lassiter and ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT SCOTT AND JAMIE WERE STILL MARRIED weren’t crazy after all. 

Along these same lines,  A Democrat member of the state House from Wake County has asked the Wake district attorney to launch a criminal investigation into the details raised in Scott Lassiter’s complaint. 

Lorrin Freeman, the Wake DA, responded that she could not see any evidence of any criminal misconduct against the speaker.

(Silly me.  I always thought things like alleged use of taxpayer money for personal gain or alleged sale of state jobs or alleged quid pro quo were all strong enough to warrant a look-see. )

Freeman, the daughter of Jim Hunt consigliere Franklin Freeman, certainly had no qualms about holding baseless criminal charges over the head of McRae Dowless.  Everyone from Ronnie Milsap to Ray Charles to the residents at the old folks home down the street could see there was no there there in Freeman’s case against Dowless.  But ol’ Lorrin stood firm for her party.

Dowless, who has since passed from cancer, was an operative for GOP congressional candidate Mark Harris in the 2018 race for US House District 9.  Democrats raised a fuss that year, alleging vote fraud against the Harris campaign.  Dowless, who used to work for Democrats, had gone over to the GOP side and was being punished for his sins.

The Raleigh drive-by media dutifully and shamefully took dictation from the political establishment regarding the 2018 election, as they have since with the Moore-Lassiter story and allegations about Mark Robinson.

So, pardon me if I don’t show a whole lot of faith in or respect for Lorrin Freeman’s judgement. Or the Raleigh drive-by media. Or for much of anybody “in charge” over on Jones Street.