Did Rockingham County sheriff’s casino opposition spur Berger ally’s entry into LtGov race?

Sam Page has earned quite a reputation for his work in law enforcement in Rockingham County.  He’s been a Tea Party and MAGA favorite.  When he jumped into the lieutenant governor’s race, a lot of observers saw him as a potential operative for the Berger political machine – led by Rockingham County’s own state senator Phil Berger.

However, Page has turned heads by coming out strong against the statewide casino deal being pushed so passionately behind closed doors in Raleigh by Berger and House speaker Tim Moore.

When Page called for taking the anti-casino fight to Raleigh, in the wake of the Rockingham County commissioners’ unanimous approval of the casino deal, that HAD to be the last straw for the Berger organization.

Now, we hear that Rockingham County attorney Seth Woodall will jump into the lieutenant governor’s race.  Reports are that Woodall plans to spend ONE MILLION of his own bucks on the race.  What makes this Woodall story more interesting?  This:

Is Page being shunned for wandering off the plantation?   Woodall, being from the same county as Page, could do some damage to Page in the primary.

You have to give Page some props for standing up to the Bergers in their home county.  You folks in Rockingham County:  If you really want to send a message to the senator and his family, filing for the 2024 primaries opens in December. You might be surprised at how much $$$$ help your candidates get from outside the county.