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Mark Johnson for, um, LtGov?

  I’ve met Department of Public Instruction superintendent Mark Johnson ONCE.    What most struck me was the campaign contribution he got from Michael Bloomberg during his inaugural run for the DPI slot.   Johnson made a big deal of his background on the Forsythe…

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RINO Stampede! (David Lewis & Harnett mafia dump Nee-Nee, gallop to Gebhardt)

  Renee Ellmers is not raising any money.  And that’s mostly what her RINO friends in Wake and Harnett counties care about.  It appears the David Lewis machine is gravitating rapidly toward former Lewis aide, current solar lobbyist, and failed RNC committeeman candidate Greg Gebhardt….

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The omitted details on the latest entry into the NC LtGov race

Campaign materials are identifying him as  “Iraq War Veteran and current North Carolina National Guard soldier” Greg Gebhardt.  But they left out some other important details: He’s registered with the state as a lobbyist for the solar goons. He was a long-serving aide to House…

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Stupid. Big Mouth. Patently dishonest. (Not much has changed.)

  It always insults my intelligence to see big-time  marketing pros peddling something to me as new and improved — when, in fact, it is pretty much the same as it always was and hasn’t exactly been improved.   Seeing THIS on Facebook the other…

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“Renee Ellmers for North Carolina”? (*Ewwwww!*)

  This campaign consultant is circulating the following: This info sure doesn’t come up on our Facebook searches.  (*Of course, we might be blocked.  We’re well-known fans of this particular she-devil.*)  We broke the story a while back about some consultants trying to get her…

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#ncpol: ONE MORE GOPer looking at LtGov?

We’ve got four potentials out there on the GOP side, and it appears that a  New Bern restauranteur and minor-league baseball team owner may make it a quintet.  Buddy Bengel,  owner of Bengel Hospitality and The Morehead City Marlins, is reported to be feeling out…

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#ncpol: LtGov GOP field for 2020 already getting crowded

It’s the worst kept secret in Raleigh that Dan Forest is leaving the lieutenant governor post to run for governor in 2020.  A gaggle of Republicans is out there already positioning themselves to replace him. We’ve already told you about NC Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union)…

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TWO NCGOPers “exploring” a run for LtGov

With Dan Forest clearly looking to move up in the political world in 2020, there is going to be at least one sure-fire job opening in Raleigh.  A slew of Democrats have already started putting out feelers.  But at least TWO Republicans — both with…

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#ncga: Asheville-area senator tosses her hat in ring for Lt.Gov in 2020

One of the more outspokenly liberal voices on Jones Street will be trying to fill Dan Forest’s chair after he vacates it to run for governor. Here’s state senator Terry Van Duyn (D-Buncombe) making the announcement on Twitter today:   (Here’s the link to the…

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INCOMING !!!! : ‘Lt. Dan’ opens fire on Common Core

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.  The Dan Forest we grew to love on the campaign trail appears to be BACK.  ln a recently released YouTube video, North Carolina’s rookie lieutenant governor is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the controversial common core…