Mashburn preaches gospel truth on Medicaid expansion

It should be worth your time to follow lieutenant governor candidate Allen Mashburn (R) on YouTube.  He’s one of the few major political players out there actually trying to talk to the people about the complex issues in Raleigh.

While NCGOPers all over Raleigh are collapsing and surrendering to the largest increase of state government EVER, Mashburn is marching to the beat of a different drummer.  He admits covering 600,000 new people sounds great, but says proponents are leaving out the details of the potential effects expansion will have on doctor-patient relations, private insurance, the state and national economies, and future generations.

He has a great video on YouTube (10:35 long) detailing his concerns about expanding Medicaid.

Mashburn notes that expansion proponents cite “great rewards at minimal cost” associated with Medicaid expansion.   He says Biden’s lockdown-era American Rescue and Recovery Act sets North Carolina’s non-federal match at five percent of total cost.

The problem?  That 95-5 split with the government is good for two years, says Mashburn.  After those two years, he says, state government could be looking at its non-federal share ballooning $500 million to $600 million per year.

Mashburn has some credibility on this subject matter. He says in the video he spent 20 years in the insurance industry before becoming a pastor.

Mashburn says there are some other outcomes with Medicaid expansion we need to watch out for:

Private insurance will eventually get pushed out.  He talked of one family that went on ObamaCare.  Their kids were transferred to Medicaid.  Providers are not required to accept Medicaid. The closest specialist who was in network and could treat one of the kids was 65 miles from their home.

Doctors, facilities lose negotiation power with insurers. Mashburn notes in the video that costs get somewhat controlled thanks to this process.  He notes that the federal government will have all the say in the wake of expansion:

[…] “The federal government negotiates with no one.  He who has the gold makes the rules.” […]

A lot more people will find themselves and their families at the mercy of federal bureaucrats.

Biden regime’s political agenda  has an easier time slithering into our and our family’s health matters.   Mashburn says an expanded Medicaid presence in North Carolina will allow gender-affirming (aka “sex change”) treatments to be weaponized.  Gender dysphoria cases will be “mentored” rather than “treated,” he added.

On this Jones Street rush to expand Medicaid, Mashburn asks:

How can something that was so wrong last year and the year before suddenly be so right?”‘