DukeHealth caves to the ‘gay mafia’

It’s one thing to ask for courteous, civil behavior from society. It’s another thing altogether to demand we change the laws of nature, centuries of religious doctrine, or even a corporate logo to appease a group that comprises less than one percent of the population.

It seems we are being pelted – hit in the face — every direction we turn with GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY.  Drag queens are “entertaining” (and indoctrinating) our youngest kids. We’re being told one can change their gender like they change their underwear.  Gay characters are represented in movies and TV shows  in greater numbers than they are in society — the real world. Athletes are being brow-beaten into wearing the colors of the gay liberation flag.

It’s sounding less like “Please stop bullying us” or “treat us like anybody else” and a lot more like “pledge allegiance to us or lose your livelihood and / or your teeth.”  Or better yet, “do what we want or be branded permanently and irreversibly as a “bigot” and / or “homophobe.”

Someone sent me this photo – see above – the other day from a DukeHealth facility.  Apparently, the gay political machine – aka “the gay mafia” – has “convinced” DukeHealth to alter its corporate logo.  This is what the logo normally looks like:

You’ve got the school colors – Duke blue and white – in the background with that Gothic-style U-shape.  Compare THIS to the main photo (above) accompanying this post.

Welcome to our GAY new world.