$50K in pay raises over FIVE YEARS for Timmy’s gal pal

Working in state government appears to have been very very very good for Jamie Liles Lassiter, the Wake County woman at the center of North Carolina’s hottest political scandal.  Our research — including but not limited to the govsalaries.com website — indicates that Ms. Lassiter’s paycheck dramatically increased during the period she has reportedly been involved with the speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

In media interviews, Speaker Tim Moore has admitted to an on-again-off-again relationship with Mrs. Lassiter that he says began in 2019 and recently ended.   Media reports – and Mr. Lassiter’s complaint – allege that Mrs. Lassiter is a state employee who works at the pleasure of the state legislature.

Our research indicates that Jamie Lassiter was being paid $73,756 in 2018.  That amount reportedly increased to $82,864 in 2019.  There was an increase to $91,125 in 2020.  In 2021, her salary reportedly grew to $101,975.  In 2022, Mrs. Lassiter’s salary was reported to be $122,707.   

Govsalaries.com offered this insight on Mrs. Lassiter’s 2021 salary:

In 2022, Mrs. Lassiter’s salary was reported to be $122,707. 

Mr. Lassiter’s complaint alleges that Speaker Timmy pressured his wife for- um, “favors” in exchange for benefits for her employer and her own professional growth.