Burning down the (NC) House

It’s an interesting time to be a House Republican in Raleigh.  From what I’m hearing on the inside, no one in the House GOP caucus has the guts to stand up and take a hard line on the chamber’s scandal-ridden speaker.  NOBODY. 

Something that might have to do with that?  I’m told that THIS (or something akin to it) message is quietly being disseminated from within the speaker’s inner circle:

“If I go down, I’m taking a whole crowd with me.”

We’ve been hearing that Speaker Timmy is by far not the only House Republican who has been (or may have been) behaving badly.  Stories are out there – involving some just as newsworthy names – that would nauseate you and make your hair and your toes curl worse than Timmy’s current situation has. 

That may very well explain the spooky silence from House GOPers.

Think back to Watergate.  It took Barry Goldwater, himself, asking for a Nixon resignation to start crumbling the defensive walls around the Nixon White House.

Is there even ONE man or woman of courage in that whole caucus?   At the very least, demand an investigation into the allegations.  At the very least, have him step aside for the speaker pro tem while this is being sorted out.

You folks knocked Kidwell and McNeely out of leadership for stuff not nearly as unseemly as what’s being alleged here with the speaker. 

Seriously, who wants to campaign for office in 2024 with the little man from Kings Mountain still sitting out there, in charge, with these allegations still hanging over him?