Speaker Timmy: Forgiven?

We learned all about the Paycheck Protection Loans from the federal government during our reporting on the Robinson family business. The Robinsons took a couple of PPP loans, despite the lack of clear evidence that their business suffered as a result of COVID.

It appears that scandal-ridden NC House speaker Tim Moore took the same route for his small law practice in Kings Mountain.

As you can see, both “loans” were forgiven.  So, it appears the top man in the NC House didn’t have to shell out a dime here.

Was there clear evidence that his business suffered a 25% loss in gross revenue during COVID?  Those who have seen all the *BLING* speaker Timmy likes to flash might say NO.

In addition to the Kings Mountain law office, the speaker has some expensive cars, a property management company, and a number of high-dollar real estate holdings in the Raleigh area.

One piece of irony we found — speaker Timmy’s law firm website confirms one of the firm’s specialties is FAMILY LAW (which includes divorce).