By jove, I think Ted’s got it! (Or at least, he’s getting there.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see Ted Budd’s NO vote off-setting Therrible Thom’s awful YES on the recent foreign aid giveaway to Ukraine, Israel, and all points between. (The package overwhelmingly passed the Senate with the gleeful help of Tillis and his quisling quasi-GOP comrades. And, of course, it could not find one dime to help control the disaster at our southern border.  * I’m not talking about Rock Hill or Dillon, mind you.*)

I was pleased with Budd during his time in the House.  For the most part, he was a good soldier for The House Freedom Caucus.  Quite often, he followed the lead of his colleague (and soon-to-be-AG) Dan Bishop.

During his campaign for Senate and the early part of his Senate tenure, Budd began to noticeably snuggle up to Therrible Thom.  They were issuing joint statements and co-sponsoring bills. Budd even hired a top Tillis aide over onto his staff.  It wasn’t looking good.

This was from my first-ever meeting with Budd at a GOP event in Lee County.  Ol’ Ted sure sounded like he had hopped onto the “Ukraine Train” – and might even have been riding up front with the locomotive engineer.

For most North Carolinians — most Americans even — the fallout from the southern border mess can be seen in every one of our communities. (The Ukraine mess has been reduced to grainy CNN or BBC footage.) It sounds like Budd is hearing quite an earful, and is beginning to understand the message.

Ted Budd needs to understand he has a hell of a lot more political capital in the bank  than Therrible Thom does.  Most of the base would rather see him more often with JD Vance, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and/or Ted Cruz and a lot less with Therrible Thom.   Ted doesn’t need Thom.  It’s the other way around.

I believe most of us would be just fine seeing Budd consorting more often with JD & the gang, while Thom slithers behind them in their dust — like any good reptile would.