Dan Bishop says THIS Budd is for him.


Congressman Dan Bishop, one of the few remaining conservatives in the state’s delegation to DC, has publicly and officially made his feelings known about the upcoming GOP primary for US Senate:

Congressman Dan Bishop (R, NC-09) today endorsed Ted Budd for US Senate. Bishop, who lives in Charlotte, previously served as a Mecklenburg County Commissioner during Pat McCrory’s second decade as a politician and later represented Charlotte in the NC House and NC Senate during Pat McCrory’s third decade as an elected official. Now, in the fourth decade of Pat McCrory’s career in politics, Bishop is endorsing Ted Budd for Senate because Ted Budd is a true conservative.

“There is no room for error in 2022; North Carolina’s next US Senator must be a fighter for ordinary people and the values the Left is systematically destroying in Washington,” said Bishop. “I have gotten to know Ted Budd well. There’s nothing slick or artificial about him – Ted Budd is a true conservative and solid as a rock. He’s humble, principled, loyal, and unafraid to stand up for working families. North Carolinians can rely on Ted Budd.”

“Amy Kate and I have enjoyed getting to know Dan and his wife, Jo, in recent years,” said Ted Budd. “Dan and Jo are a great team, and they never shy away from a fight when it comes to standing strong for what is best for North Carolina. Dan knows how to win tough fights because he does not back down from his principles. Amy Kate and I are honored to have Dan and Jo Bishop’s support in our campaign for the US Senate.”