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Curiouser and curiouser: The fight to replace David Lewis

    Conservatives in Harnett County got some apparent good news when they heard local party chairman Maggie Sandrock was going to toss her hat in the ring to replace Lewis — the second ranking Republican in the NC House and consigliere to Speaker Timmy….

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He’s outta here!

    State Rep. David Lewis, arguably the second most powerful member of his chamber,  has announced his “retirement” from the North Carolina House:   On Friday, Representative David R. Lewis (R-Harnett) announced that he will be withdrawing his name from the November General Election…

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Developers seeking to build solar schools in NC target of SC lawsuit

    A group of folks from North Carolina, who have been lobbying the General Assembly for a few years now to lease privately-owned school buildings (which may, um, *coincidentally* have solar panels on them) to local governments,  is now finding themselves in some legal…

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#ncga: Senate Dems’ #MeToo moment?

    We’ve told you wild stories about the goings-on in the GOP caucus room.   Now it appears things get just as rowdy on the other side of the aisle.   Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh are just two examples of GOP nominees who…

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#ncga: House GOP aiding-and-abetting Dem vote-by-mail scheme

      This will be one more example state Republicans can reflect on when they find themselves in the General Assembly’s minority after November.  Democrats and all kinds of liberal special interests have been hollering for more voting-by-mail, and it appears House Republicans are…

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Even DC can see Jones Street’s leftward drift

      We’ve had Republican majorities in the General Assembly since 2010.   However,  we should keep reminding ourselves that the terms “Republican” and “conservative” are becoming more and more mutually exclusive.     The DC-based American Conservative Union (ACU) — always a dependable…

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#ncga: They’re BAAAAAAAACK!

      While we’re sheltering-in-place, the honorables have once again darkened the halls of that big building one Jones Street in Raleigh. The Congress passed a huge-honking spending bill. So, the honorables in Raleigh felt like they had to get in on the act….

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Making election-stealing EASIER

      The public schools crowd is doing their thing to take advantage of the current crisis,  and so — it appears — are the Raleigh politicians and elections officials.  Here are some highlights from  a memo about the upcoming 2020 general election from…

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#ncga: WHAT in tarnation did Kelly Hastings do to his desk?

  While so many of us Jones Street watchers are preoccupied with the big health story,  I believe there is one hell of a story (with an even better BACK-STORY) that we’re missing.  State Rep.  Kelly Hastings — notorious for shady listings on his campaign…

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Lobbyist led cheerleading for Boles during primary

    If Jamie Boles tries to tell you he’s “one of us” and is fighting “for the folks back home,”  — don’t buy it.  Lobbyists and operatives from Raleigh saved Tom McInnis’s skin two years ago,   and they did it for Boles this…