NCGA GOPers trying to water down sheriff-ICE cooperation bill?

Here we are with another example of talking tough, but then delivering something weak and spineless to appease campaign donors.

Remember when sheriffs elected in liberal enclaves Wake and Mecklenburg counties refused to cooperate with federal Immigration Control and Enforcement (ICE) agents?  The folks from ICE asked for a little professional courtesy.  if the locals picked up someone who happened to also be a target of  ICE, the locals would let ICE know they have that suspect in custody and would hold the suspect until ICE arrived. That is SOP in about 98 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.  The snowflakes in Wake and Mecklenburg just had to be different.

Imagine if each city and county could pick and choose WHO they would cooperate with and WHAT laws they would enforce. Crossing a county line could make you scot-free of criminal charges.

Democrats are being painted as the soft-on-illegals bunch.  But check out who in our state legislature is going all limp-and-spineless on immigration enforcement:

House Speaker Tim Moore says members of his caucus want to make changes to a Senate bill that would require sheriffs to work with federal immigration officials.

In a 108-3 vote Wednesday, House members voted against adopting the bill that state senators passed along party lines earlier this month

Moore told reporters Wednesday that state Rep. Destin Hall, R-Caldwell, is leading the house’s efforts to refine the bill with Senate leaders. Hall wants to make technical changes, Moore said without elaborating on the proposed adjustments. “I don’t think they’re hugely substantive,” Moore said. “I’m told there’s not any major sticking points.”

Moore said the House could vote to advance the bill next week, so long as Hall and Republican state senators can reach an agreement.

Republican lawmakers have been trying to enact similar legislation for years to no avail. Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, has vetoed previous bills that would’ve required sheriffs to work with immigration officials.

Democratic sheriffs in North Carolina’s biggest urban counties have said it does more harm than good to public safety if they work with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. Hispanic residents are much less likely to report crimes, serve as witnesses or otherwise help local law enforcement if they know their local officials partner with ICE, multiple sheriffs, community activists and others have told state lawmakers.

This year’s bill would only require sheriffs to look up the immigration status of people charged with felonies or serious misdemeanors such as domestic violence. Republican state Sen. Danny Britt, R-Robeson, says the new language is intended to protect undocumented immigrants who are pulled over while driving to work, for instance, and who could then be booked for driving without a license or some other traffic infraction. […]

Protecting “undocumented immigrants,” eh?  If they’re going to play around like this, why even bother having immigration or citizenship laws? It sounds like there are some electeds up there who are pandering to donors in the construction and agricultural sectors.  (Don’t forget that Republicans like Moore, Hall and Britt are all practicing attorneys.  Surely, quite a few of their colleagues in that sector are cheering this kind of water-down.)

The crime is being in this country in the first place.  Giving a wink-and-a-nod to this also involves looking the other way on issues of tax evasion and security among others.  Cops run your record all the time in traffic stops.  It’s my understanding that traffic stops have led to some bad dudes being apprehended. Sometimes murderers on the lam get caught speeding. 

So, if a cop running a record check sees ICE is looking for YOU, would the cop have the option of taking steps to keep ICE in the dark about the encounter?  This could cut both ways.  Suppose one sheriff’s department is seeking someone the feds have in custody.

One of the biggest impediments to catching the 9-11 suspects prior to 9-11 was the fact so many law enforcement agencies weren’t talking to each other. Supposedly, that got rectified in the wake of that awful day.

I don’t like the way this is headed at all.