Trouble in TimmyLand? (A SPANKING for THE SPEAKER?)

It’s one of the worst kept secrets in Raleigh that the tubby little guy at the front of the House chamber has his eyes set on a move to DC at the end of 2024.  Speaker Timmy’s predecessor, Thom Tillis, also caught Potomac Fever from the speaker’s dais.  Thommy campaigned for the Senate while holding the speaker’s dais hostage – right to the bitter end.  It allowed him to pass out state favors to  deep-pocketed folks while cultivating new, lucrative relations for his planned move north.  Lil’ Timmy apparently has the same idea in his pointy little head.

According to some early polling, the idea of exporting Timmy to Congress is not exactly making the inner parts of legs in the 14th district tingle with anticipation.  The SAME pollster who did that poll for Locke showing Mark Robinson with 48 percent of the vote in a six-way gubernatorial primary is taking a look at the GOP primary in the 14th. Republicans Eric Levinson and Pat Harrigan – the 2022 GOP nominee for the seat – are expected to join lil’ Timmy in the race for the 14th.   Here’s what the pollster found:

Translation:  We’re starting off with 29.8 percent undecided.   Harrigan has 26.4 percent to Moore’s 5.9 percent to Levinson’s 4.1 percent.  When you “educate” voters about lil’ Timmy’s “bad boy” side — ahem, Biscuitville — things change dramatically.

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Harrigan goes to 56.1 percent and Moore climbs to 10 percent. Harrigan appears to get the lion’s share of the undecided after folks get “educated.”

Here’s the pollster’s memo summarizing their findings.